Start Trading On Panaesha Capital’s PCEX Crypto-Trading Platform at 0.05% Fees

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Panaesha Capital Pte. Ltd.

Buying and selling BTC with USD using credit or debit cards is now much simpler with PCEX’s high-caliber crypto-exchange. Built by financial experts, PCEX only charges 0.05% on any trade in the intraday and derivative markets, and 0.5% in the cash or delivery market.

What Are PCEX’s Game-Changing Features?

Not only does PCEX offer the most affordable crypto-trading services in the market, the exchange is launched equipped with tools and features for maximum profit.

  • Users can very conveniently buy and sell cryptocurrencies with credit or debit cards, wire-transfer or through PayPal.
  • PCEX’s features include trading options such as intraday/margin trading and limit-trading, futures and cash delivery market.
  • With numerous strategic partnerships and a huge user-base, PCEX will provide high-liquidity.
  • PCEX lists all the top crypto tokens for a one-stop trading opportunity: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), Dash (DASH) and Feelium (FCC).
  • The trading markets on PCEX are – USD, BTC, BCH and ETH
  • PCEX’s skilled broker channel will personally assist trades.

Headed with a unique approach of bringing traditional trading techniques to the high-tech cryptocurrency market, PCEX is all-set to revolutionize the crypto market. The platform facilitates seamless crypto trading and offers the lowest transaction fee.

PCEX offers a well-trained broker channel for personal assistance at no extra fee from the exchange. One other major concern with trading cryptos is that most exchanges do not offer trading for both fiat as well as digital assets. PCEX is designed to prevent users from visiting numerous platforms to convert their fiat money to digital currency or vice-versa.

The exchange employs a superior order-matching engine, and with strategic partnerships, a broker channel with guaranteed user-base, PCEX will provide high-liquidity. The secure and cost-effective platform is affordable and approachable to anyone; expert or beginner.

How Is Crypto-Trading The Most Profitable On PCEX?

The platform does not charge a wide array of fees in the form of maker fees, taker fees or deposit fees. PCEX is offering smooth and secure crypto transactions with just a single transaction fee of 0.05% on any trade in the intraday and derivative markets, and 0.5% in the cash or delivery market. The low fee charged makes trading worth the risk and it helps maximize gains at a faster pace.

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