Top 3 Companies Using Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain technology is a brainchild of a person (or group of people) named Satoshi Nakamoto. The technology was introduced to the world in 2009. In just ten years, the technology has shown massive potential for revolutionizing the global business scenario. From our daily lives to governmental operations, blockchain technology has transformed every niche and sector. 

What makes Blockchain Technology so special?

Blockchain technology is emerging as a solution for a number of modern day problems. This is because of the special features that come with this technology. Some of its core features include complete transparency and its property of being immutable. With these qualities in hand, blockchain becomes a hero for the business world. 

However, blockchain technology has also revolutionized other industries like healthcare and law. Today there are more than 80 companies using blockchain. These corporations have gained a faster pace by using blockchain solution. Moreover, the World Economic Forum predicts that blockchain platforms will reserve almost 10% of global GDP within the upcoming decade.

How is the blockchain utilization measured for a company? 

From small businesses to large corporations like IBM come under companies using blockchain. To help calculate how progressively a company is using blockchain solution, Reality Shares came up with a proprietary Blockchain Score. It uses seven quality factors which represent the most important metrics for identification of company’s blockchain potential. The higher this Blockchain Score goes, the higher a company’s blockchain potential. 

Here are the top 3 companies using blockchain solution: 

IBM: Blockchain Score, 92

The leader of this race is IBM with highest blockchain score of 92. In an overall view, IBM comes out as one of the leaders in blockchain technology development. The corporation has been a technological pioneer since the year 1911 and has continuously developed and improved the technical sector. IBM uses blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) in various aspects. At the present time, the Blockchain solutions of IBM are powered by a team of almost 1500 experts.

Alibaba Group: Blockchain Score, 77

Standing on the second position of this race is the Alibaba Group which has a Blockchain Score of 77. The firm is well recognized as the largest Chinese e-commerce and technology organization. In total, Alibaba has set the path of blockchain ablaze with 90 patents by September 2018. Alibaba Group comes up as one of the leading companies using blockchain solutions. As proof, its subsidiary, Lynx International has implemented blockchain in its logistics department in a successful manner.

Fujitsu: Blockchain Score, 74

With the Blockchain Score of 74, our number three is Fujitsu. It is a Japanese technology firm which is the 7th largest IT service provider. Recently the company inaugurated a special Blockchain Innovation Center in Brussels, Belgium. 

These are just top 3 companies using blockchain solution. The list goes long and is growing day by day. Companies like MasterCard and ING Groep are also pacing fast in the race. These companies are not only accepting the revolutionizing Blockchain Technology but are also fueling its development and advancement. 

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