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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new one.” – Socrates

Panaesha Capital is focused on broadening the boundaries of investment possibilities through blockchain technology. We believe that the future is here and that blockchain technology is its tool. Panaesha Capital will inspire users and regulators to recognize blockchain technology as the new reality.  Our products are refined for today’s market accordingly.

Panaesha Capital was formed in mid-2017 by a team of expert professionals. We develop products like blockchain technology for the financial technology industry and also offer other white label solutions.

Panaesha Capital caters PR and marketing services to upcoming businesses and products through analytical services, as well as our broad global network and reach. Panaesha Capital can provide companies and startups the boost that will take your business to the next level.

As a recently developed business ourselves, we at Panaesha Capital understand clients needs, and save them from an experimenting stage – we’ve experimented, so we can help you better.

Our Products


Feelium is a tokenized decentralized blockchain technology platform that will provide smart contracts and escrow services in return for Feelium tokens. Feelium uses blockchain technology to make contractual transactions simple, fast and secure.

PCEX – Panaesha Capital Exchange

PCEX is a crypto exchange developed by Panaesha Capital for the trade of digital currencies or fiat money. Users can also buy Feelium tokens on PCEX. The platform requires traders to complete a KYC procedure in order to be allowed to trade on it, and PCEX uses a broker channel for additional security and man – to – man customer service.

Fintech Crypto News

Fintechcryptonews is an unbiased online media publication for the public to access. The channel displays the latest in the fintech and cryptocurrency market. Other businesses can also use the channel to publicize their products and services. Fintech crypto news posts reviews on latest ICO’s and cryptocurrencies, and also recognizes guest bloggers and experts in the field. You can reach your target audience faster through this news channel by Panaesha Capital.

Whitelabel solutions

Panaesha Capital hopes to offer its exchange to other businesses as a whitelabel product. The businesses can then customize the platform for their own needs. This whitelabel solution will help reduce time and resources required for software development attached to a product launch.

Panaesha Capital provides the following services to its clients:

Business strategy – Plan your market reach and gain more customers through our business strategy planning.

Marketing and communication – Use our services to develop ICO’s and other fintech products. We will also help you frame your product and gain recognition.

PR – We will help portray your product in the perfect light for audiences to welcome it.

Whitepaper – We will help you build and develop your whitepaper to project your business model in a professional way.

Advanced analytics – To minimize errors in your business, Panaesha Capital advanced analytics will predict and forecast the future of your product.

Competition analysis and SWOT – We will help you create superior products through our completion analysis and SWOT services. Learn how to beat your completion here!

Panaesha Capital is a futuristic, one-stop platform for all your business needs. Come explore your business possibilities at


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