The Launch of PCEX will Enhance Crypto-Trading Globally

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The Panaesha Capital Exchange, or PCEX, is a crypto-exchange launching in Q3 of 2018. The new cryptoexchange will reform the current face of cryptocurrency exchange platforms through its customer-oriented aspects.

Firstly, PCEX is not limited to just crypto-to-crypto exchange; the platform also offers crypto-to-fiat trading. Not all cryptoexchanges have both the functions in one; most exchanges host either one of the trade-forms. This drawback forces traders to work on multiple platforms for different trades. PCEX will be a one-stop trading platform for all.

Secondly, PCEX employs a broker channel. Crypto-traders have been complaining about poor customer service and slow reaction time on existing crypto-exchanges. PCEX offers a solution by providing a personal broker to assist in trades. Anytime a trader faces an issue or has a query, all he would have to do is contact the broker. PCEX aims to build long-term relationships with customers and employing an agent will help the exchange to stay in touch with the traders.

All customers on PCEX have to complete a KYC/AML procedure so that platform can adhere to any regulations that may arise in future.

Thirdly, PCEX is highly secure. A system of validation of transactions will safeguard the acceptance of information on the exchange. The Model will protect the integrity of data and prevent data breaches. All secure operations on PCEX will need the auditors to collaborate. Many layers of security, devices and identities are employed to protect the platform. The traders’ identity and digital assets are extremely secure.

Lastly, PCEX will have an easy user interface. Users can place limit orders on PCEX. Traders can buy or sell assets at a price set by them or at a better price. A limit time can also be set after which the matching engine removes the trade order from the website.

The PCEX platform will have minimal fees; transaction fee and a withdrawal fee. The transaction fee in itself is much lower than current fees on exchanges. PCEX will have high liquidity and fast trades to provide a stable atmosphere to users. Follow updates about the cryptoexchange on

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