Foxconn and Sirin Labs partner to Manufacture Blockchain Technology Based Cutting Edge Phones

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Foxconn and Sirin Labs partner to Manufacture Blockchain Technology Based Cutting Edge Phones Phones based on blockchain technology will soon become the latest in a fast-growing list of innovations. In an era where major technology development companies are now trying to outdo each other by developing cutting-edge blockchain technology related systems, Foxconn is seeking to take the ‘blockchain step’ in its sector by developing blockchain technology enabled mobile phone.

Foxconn Technology Group’s subsidiary, FIH Mobile has decided to help develop a new range of blockchain technology enabled mobile phones called “Finney”. The new mobile phone would help customers store and transact digital currency more securely and faster with zero transaction fee.

The blockchain technology-based device will come packed with cool features. The phone will integrate all kinds of digital tokens, which will make it easier to locate and purchase goods from sites that accept cryptocurrency payments. The phone will offer its users can even share their mobile WiFi and receive instant payment in digital coins. The mobile phone will be available initially in Vietnam and Turkey although, Sirin Labs believe it can sell a few million units this year.

The Taiwanese-based Foxconn Technology Group is a global leader in the mobile phone business and has assembled cutting-edge devices like the Iphone series, the PlayStation series, and Kindles while Sirin Labs became famous when it launched the SOLARIN mobile phone which is security oriented.

Cryptocurrency Safety

Sirin Chief Executive Officer Moshe Hogeg said that all crypto-related services on Finney would be activated with a physical switch instead of using a complicated address and private key pattern. Hogeg also clarified that in future, users would eventually make use of iris scanners, fingerprint or simple password to secure their digital wallet.

Sirin Labs which has been at the forefront of developing blockchain technology-related devices. The Labs recently launched a PC which will help the users in generating blockchain code specifically geared towards the cryptocurrency users. The company recently signed football superstar, Lionel Messi as the Brand Ambassador in order to create more awareness about the blockchain technology.

Foxconn will be facing stern competition from startups as well as established phone makers seeking to develop more blockchain technology-friendly devices. Of the latter group is Huawei who recently announced plans to incorporate blockchain technology in its devices.

Lionel Messi As Brand Ambassador

Sirin Labs became famous through the launch of the highly secure SOLARIN mobile phone. Lionel Messi is the brand ambassador of the company and he sees the need to create more awareness about blockchain technology.

The company has been at the forefront of launching new products based on blockchain technology. Recently as well, the launched a PC which would help the users in generating codes specifically geared towards the cryptocurrency users. Most of the products of the company are designed in such a way that the target is the cryptocurrency users. According to the company, the market would surely explode much more as more and more people become aware of cryptocurrencies. Also, fans of the soccer legend would make the products even more popular among the crowd which have not used or invested in cryptocurrencies currently.

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