Panaesha Capital’s Feelium Coin is a steal for the current price; 1 USD!

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ICO’s provide a way for start-ups to bypass the long and harrowing capital-raising process. Usually, ICO’s are marketed before the product is functional; Feelium, however, is one step ahead.

Panaesha Capital PVT. LTD. launched the Feelium pre-ICO sale, and has raised more than 3.86 million already. Feelium is reliable because the website and a few useful features are already in place. Feelium’s wallet to wallet transfer can be used even now to transfer Feelium tokens to other users.

Feelium will be listed in Q3 of 2018; investors will be able to get fast returns rather than having to wait for years before product launch, as in usual investment scenarios.

Feelium offers utility features in the form of contracting services. Feelium tokens can be used to facilitate smart contracts and escrow services on the Feelium platform. The platform contains several smart contract templates which can be customized by each user according to their need. No matter the transaction be big or small, Feelium smart contracts will carry out the terms of the contract.

Smart contracts are self-regulating digital documents which run on a code. Two parties come together to form a smart contract. If the terms of the contract are fulfilled, the transaction will occur; if the terms are defaulted on, funds in the smart contract will go back to the primary user. In this manner, Feelium smart contracts are fool-proof services.

Feelium escrow accounts, on the other hand, are optional and involve a minor transaction fee. The buying party will add Feelium tokens to the escrow account and use a smart contract to list the terms of the contract involved. Once both parties are on board, the fund is locked in the escrow account. When the selling party follows procedure and uploads proof of work, the fund will be released to the seller. The escrow account functions as a digital third party between the buyer and seller.

Feelium’s inherent value is raised because of the above features and will result in a high trade-value in the crypto-market when listed. The current value of Feelium is just 1 USD per token. Invest now in the digital asset and receive several times the initial investment when listed! Explore for more info.

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