Panaesha Capital is Pledged to Benefit Fintech

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In an industry brimming with start-ups, why will Panaesha Capital stand out?

Panaesha Capital PVT. LTD. has a goal that any noteworthy company, start-up or legacy, can appertain. Panaesha Capital aims to be simple, secure, cost-effective, fast and stable.

The company is a fintech start-up built by experts in the field and is committed to blockchain technology. Panaesha Capital believes that blockchain technology is the future of financial services and is developing tools based on the technology.

The company offers products for the betterment of the fintech industry, developing blockchain platforms and other white-label solutions for businesses.

Feelium is a cryptocurrency by Panaesha Capital built on blockchain technology. Currently running a successful token pre-sale, Feelium is expected to grow to several times its token value. Feelium has many utility features that will highly recommend the token to a vast majority of users, thus increasing its trade-value.

White-label product solutions by Panaesha Capital will allow businesses to customize products for their own needs and accelerate their growth without having to go through the drawbacks of developing the products themselves. The process will reduce launch-time and will keep businesses from exhausting financial resources by building softwares from scratch.

Showing further commitment to fintech and blockchain technology, Panaesha Capital’s first product was an online media publication known as ‘Fintech Crypto News’. The website offers the public access to the latest news in fintech, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Providing unbiased news relating to these industries, Fintech Crypto News will be a pioneer in online fintech and cryptocurrency media releases. The platform will also help other business by reviewing upcoming ICO’s and publish their status.

Panaesha Capital is launching a crypto-exchange in Q3 of 2018. PCEX will be a one-stop trading platform for both cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency to fiat money trading. With limit trading and a focus on data integrity, PCEX will be one of the best crypto-exchanges in the market. For extra security, PCEX employs a broker channel to help users navigate the platform and to decide on the best trade strategy.

Panaesha Capital provides advanced analytics to help forecast the market for your product. Aspiring or existing business owners can use Panaesha Capital’s resources to plan and grow their own business. The PR and marketing services will help businesses to pitch their product to the masses.

With a plethora of different products and services, Panaesha Capital aspires to serve the industry by optimizing current financial technology.

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