Female Experts in Cryptocurrencies, not to be restricted to a ‘Pink Room’ in the Crypto-Community

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The crypto-community is seen as a male-dominated world, but women

will fare just as well, if not better, in the industry.

Women are good at recognizing risks. The trait is well known and highly respected. Even possessing this necessary skill that will come in handy in the cryptocurrency world, women are criminally under-represented. As of June 2018, Google Analytical data shows that 91.2 % of individuals in the crypto-sector are men.

Bare-basics of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies enlist cryptography and registry on the decentralized ledger to secure transactions. There is no central authority such as a technical institution or a bank. The transaction will occur directly between two people.

Blockchain technology, the underlying technology on which cryptocurrencies are built, can be used for not just financial transfer, but also for storage, computation, data transfer and so on. The technology will have many applications in the current world, though there are skeptics who doubt these applications in the long-run.

The Minor Role of Women in the Crypto-Community Explored

According to an international Quartz survey, out of 378 venture-backed startups in cryptocurrencies in 2012-2018, only a mere 8.5 % were founded-co-founded by women. Tech start-ups fared much better with 17.7 % companies with women on the founding team; still a low percentage.

The official conference party for the North American Bitcoin Conference in January 2018 actually took place in a strip club, reported the New York Times, calling the participants ‘blockchain bros’. Out of the 87 speakers in the event, there were on three female speakers. After receiving complaints about the glaring bias, the conference organizer, Moe Levin, replaced two male speakers with two women.

Women Intervene to Balance the Crypto-Community

In context of the #MeToo movement, groups like ‘Women in Blockchain’ have been successful in bringing attention to the need for diversity in the sector. The start-up ‘Mogul’ hosted an event ‘Women in Crypto’ in April 2018. Prominent female venture capitalist, Alexia Bonatsos, tweeted –

“Women, consider crypto. Otherwise the men are going to get all the wealth, again.”

Anastasi Shvetsova, managing partner at M&A PR agency said –

“Recently, I was at a summit where there was a ‘Pink Room’- a place designed specifically for women”

Managing partner at Autonomous Partners, Arianna Simpson declares that this is not the right approach. “There are women who are experts on literally every subject on crypto and outside of that. So, I think that bringing those highly qualified women on to the main panels is what should be happening, rather than saying ‘look, we have women in [the] blockchain panel,’ taking place at this specific time.” She has a point.

Panaesha Capital does not tolerate a ‘Pink Room’

Panaesha Capital Pte Ltd. a Singapore-based fintech firm, with platforms for cryptocurrencies and blockchains, recognizes skills rather than gender.

The company is already an exception to the Quartz survey; co-founded by Bhawna Phogat and with a greater strength in female employees than most crypto-startups world-over. Ms. Phogat’s expertise as a strong educational professional, with 10 years in the field, was monumental in founding the company.

A adept individual contributing to the successful growth of Panaesha Capital is the General Manager Chavi Ahuja. Ms Ahuja has a Master’s degree in Business Analytics and over 5 years of experience in Consulting & Analytics. She’s an aspiring Crypto Enthusiast and an Entrepreneur.

With no bars on gender or age and focusing solely on expertise and drive, Panaesha Capital is boosted ahead in business expansion by the company’s diverse employees. Explore the company website –

LinkedIn Profiles

Phogat Bhawna – Co-Founder, Panaesha Capital Pte. LTd

Chavi Ahuja – General Manager, Panaesha Capital Pte. LTD

Sandeep Phogat – CEO/Founder, Panaesha Capital Pte. LTD

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