Panaesha Capital’s Feelium Coin is a steal for the current price; 1 USD!

ICO’s provide a way for start-ups to bypass the long and harrowing capital-raising process. Usually, ICO’s are marketed before the product is functional; Feelium, however, is one step ahead.

Panaesha Capital PVT. LTD. launched the Feelium pre-ICO sale, and has raised more than 3.86 million already. Feelium is reliable because the website and a few useful features are already in place. Feelium’s wallet to wallet transfer can be used even now to transfer Feelium tokens to other users.

Feelium will be listed in Q3 of 2018; investors will be able to get fast returns rather than having to wait for years before product launch, as in usual investment scenarios.

Feelium offers utility features in the form of contracting services. Feelium tokens can be used to facilitate smart contracts and escrow services on the Feelium platform. The platform contains several smart contract templates which can be customized by each user according to their need. No matter the transaction be big or small, Feelium smart contracts will carry out the terms of the contract.

Smart contracts are self-regulating digital documents which run on a code. Two parties come together to form a smart contract. If the terms of the contract are fulfilled, the transaction will occur; if the terms are defaulted on, funds in the smart contract will go back to the primary user. In this manner, Feelium smart contracts are fool-proof services.

Feelium escrow accounts, on the other hand, are optional and involve a minor transaction fee. The buying party will add Feelium tokens to the escrow account and use a smart contract to list the terms of the contract involved. Once both parties are on board, the fund is locked in the escrow account. When the selling party follows procedure and uploads proof of work, the fund will be released to the seller. The escrow account functions as a digital third party between the buyer and seller.

Feelium’s inherent value is raised because of the above features and will result in a high trade-value in the crypto-market when listed. The current value of Feelium is just 1 USD per token. Invest now in the digital asset and receive several times the initial investment when listed! Explore for more info.

Panaesha Capital is Pledged to Benefit Fintech

In an industry brimming with start-ups, why will Panaesha Capital stand out?

Panaesha Capital PVT. LTD. has a goal that any noteworthy company, start-up or legacy, can appertain. Panaesha Capital aims to be simple, secure, cost-effective, fast and stable.

The company is a fintech start-up built by experts in the field and is committed to blockchain technology. Panaesha Capital believes that blockchain technology is the future of financial services and is developing tools based on the technology.

The company offers products for the betterment of the fintech industry, developing blockchain platforms and other white-label solutions for businesses.

Feelium is a cryptocurrency by Panaesha Capital built on blockchain technology. Currently running a successful token pre-sale, Feelium is expected to grow to several times its token value. Feelium has many utility features that will highly recommend the token to a vast majority of users, thus increasing its trade-value.

White-label product solutions by Panaesha Capital will allow businesses to customize products for their own needs and accelerate their growth without having to go through the drawbacks of developing the products themselves. The process will reduce launch-time and will keep businesses from exhausting financial resources by building softwares from scratch.

Showing further commitment to fintech and blockchain technology, Panaesha Capital’s first product was an online media publication known as ‘Fintech Crypto News’. The website offers the public access to the latest news in fintech, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Providing unbiased news relating to these industries, Fintech Crypto News will be a pioneer in online fintech and cryptocurrency media releases. The platform will also help other business by reviewing upcoming ICO’s and publish their status.

Panaesha Capital is launching a crypto-exchange in Q3 of 2018. PCEX will be a one-stop trading platform for both cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency to fiat money trading. With limit trading and a focus on data integrity, PCEX will be one of the best crypto-exchanges in the market. For extra security, PCEX employs a broker channel to help users navigate the platform and to decide on the best trade strategy.

Panaesha Capital provides advanced analytics to help forecast the market for your product. Aspiring or existing business owners can use Panaesha Capital’s resources to plan and grow their own business. The PR and marketing services will help businesses to pitch their product to the masses.

With a plethora of different products and services, Panaesha Capital aspires to serve the industry by optimizing current financial technology.

Keys to Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Investments

Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs are a capital raising technique that trades future cryptocurrencies for cryptocurrencies with immediate liquid value or for fiat money. The digital trade commodity is called a token. A percentage of the token sale goes to the ICO participants in the form of tokens, and the rest goes to the company’s initial capital.

An ICO gives entrepreneurs a chance to invest in their projects without the hassle of equity distribution. Any investors, big or small, can fund their projects using ICO’s. ICO’s are largely successful because the token’s price would be much higher during listing than during the ICO sale.

While cryptocurrencies like Hdac and Filecoin were hugely successful, raising $258 and $275 million, respectively, there are still several ICOs that scammed their investors.  Therefore, it is important to keep in mind a few key elements while investing in ICOs.

Know your investment

Try to learn everything you can about the development team and advisory board. Research each member’s experience on Google and LinkedIn. Try to understand if the team has enough experience in the field to support the ICO when it’s released. Does the company have a valid whitepaper? Has the company launched a product with a preview of its future functionalities?

A bona fide ICO would display token distribution stages with the maximum amount of capital allotted to development and operations. There should also be a legal contingency fund, marketing and community outreach and for human and infrastructure support.

Presence on media and community activities

It is important to follow the ICO on media and in forums. What is the attitude of the crypto-community towards the ICO? How well-known is their presence on credible platforms like reddit and quora? A genuine ICO would be active on several communities and put some effort into publishing information about their product on media platforms.

Transparency is crucial in drawing in investors and a company that actively updates its followers is more likely to be legitimate. Let’s face it; a scammer would never put in more effort than is necessary to grab attention.

Whitepaper evaluation

Most of the information regarding the product is present in its whitepaper. Take time out to read through whitepapers carefully. Note all positive and negative aspects of the ICO and add some research of your own. ICO whitepapers have to potentially answer a basic question: what added value does the ICO bring to the fintech and cryptocurrency market?

The ICOs implementation of blockchain technology

There is a single most important question that will put ICOs into perspective. What does the ICO bring into the market that existing cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms do not offer? There are several sectors in which blockchain technology is playing a major role today. Using tokens to facilitate some such sectors is one way of adding value to the ICO’s.

Feelium Pre-ICO sale

Feelium is a tokenized platform that will make contractual transactions simpler and more secure. Feelium tokens can facilitate smart contracts and escrow services on the platform and thus, allow trust-less transactions between buyers and sellers.

In addition, Feelium helps you build a wallet for P2P transactions, and will also be a one-stop trading platform for B2B and B2C transfers.

Explore Feelium’s extensive whitepaper here. Feelium is working hard to keep the crypto-community updated on its pre-ICO sale and utility features. Feelium token cost just $1 USD today! Read more at

Blockchain 101 – An introduction to blockchain technology that even your grandma could understand

Cryptocurrencies are changing the face and landscape of the financial world. However, do we know enough about the underlying technology that makes these currencies so disruptive? Here is a simple summary of  blockchain technology, the distributed online ledger that every cryptocurrency is built on.

Panaesha Capital Will Launch PCEX, A Crypto Exchange Platform For All Investors

PCEX, the cryptoexchange by Panaesha Capital, is launching in June 2018. Through PCEX, traders can exchange Feelium for other cryptocurrencies or for fiat money and the exchange functions as an additional platform to purchase Feelium tokens. PCEX uses a broker channel similar to the ones on stock exchanges and this channel adds a layer of security for traders. Furthermore, the traders are required to complete a KYC procedure in order to be allowed to trade on PCEX. The above safety procedures employed by PCEX will protect the users from any of the illegal activities usually faced by cryptocurrency exchanges.

A cryptoexchange is very similar to an online stock exchange portal albeit with a few advantages. The user enters the exchange portal, presents a trade order, and the exchange will match the order with other similar trade orders. The user can either purchase the listed cryptocurrencies on the exchange using fiat currency or trade one cryptocurrency for another. Traders can also sell the cryptocurrencies they own for fiat money.

Cryptoexchanges are easier to use than regular stock exchanges. On cryptoexchanges, users can buy a fraction of the cryptocurrency for whatever amount they wish to invest. Small investors are greatly benefited by this flexibility and it’s easier to create balanced portfolios this way. Traditional exchanges only allow the purchase of stock in whole numbers and you need to purchase a minimum of one stock to trade. Small investors may find this hard. Also, cryptoexchanges like PCEX function 24X7 while traditional exchanges are limited by market hours.

Exchanges like PCEX allow buying and selling instantly. With high transparency, every user can view the depth of trade on the platform and decide his/her order based on the current value. Most traders go through a third party, like PCEX, to facilitate the exchange. The platform charges a minor transaction fee for its services. On PCEX, you can also sign up for a wallet to store funds and positions.

The role of cryptoexchanges like PCEX is to reduce the technicalities involved in trading and to ensure high liquidity. High liquidity indicates the extent to which the market allows the buying and selling of products. In other words, the higher the liquidity of a platform, the faster assets get sold at a stable price.

As a fast and secure network, PCEX will help traders manage their financial wealth easily.

Follow us to stay in the loop about updates for PCEX, Feelium, and other products.

Panaesha Capital: One stop for all your business needs.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new one.” – Socrates

Panaesha Capital is focused on broadening the boundaries of investment possibilities through blockchain technology. We believe that the future is here and that blockchain technology is its tool. Panaesha Capital will inspire users and regulators to recognize blockchain technology as the new reality.  Our products are refined for today’s market accordingly.

Panaesha Capital was formed in mid-2017 by a team of expert professionals. We develop products like blockchain technology for the financial technology industry and also offer other white label solutions.

Panaesha Capital caters PR and marketing services to upcoming businesses and products through analytical services, as well as our broad global network and reach. Panaesha Capital can provide companies and startups the boost that will take your business to the next level.

As a recently developed business ourselves, we at Panaesha Capital understand clients needs, and save them from an experimenting stage – we’ve experimented, so we can help you better.

Our Products


Feelium is a tokenized decentralized blockchain technology platform that will provide smart contracts and escrow services in return for Feelium tokens. Feelium uses blockchain technology to make contractual transactions simple, fast and secure.

PCEX – Panaesha Capital Exchange

PCEX is a crypto exchange developed by Panaesha Capital for the trade of digital currencies or fiat money. Users can also buy Feelium tokens on PCEX. The platform requires traders to complete a KYC procedure in order to be allowed to trade on it, and PCEX uses a broker channel for additional security and man – to – man customer service.

Fintech Crypto News

Fintechcryptonews is an unbiased online media publication for the public to access. The channel displays the latest in the fintech and cryptocurrency market. Other businesses can also use the channel to publicize their products and services. Fintech crypto news posts reviews on latest ICO’s and cryptocurrencies, and also recognizes guest bloggers and experts in the field. You can reach your target audience faster through this news channel by Panaesha Capital.

Whitelabel solutions

Panaesha Capital hopes to offer its exchange to other businesses as a whitelabel product. The businesses can then customize the platform for their own needs. This whitelabel solution will help reduce time and resources required for software development attached to a product launch.

Panaesha Capital provides the following services to its clients:

Business strategy – Plan your market reach and gain more customers through our business strategy planning.

Marketing and communication – Use our services to develop ICO’s and other fintech products. We will also help you frame your product and gain recognition.

PR – We will help portray your product in the perfect light for audiences to welcome it.

Whitepaper – We will help you build and develop your whitepaper to project your business model in a professional way.

Advanced analytics – To minimize errors in your business, Panaesha Capital advanced analytics will predict and forecast the future of your product.

Competition analysis and SWOT – We will help you create superior products through our completion analysis and SWOT services. Learn how to beat your completion here!

Panaesha Capital is a futuristic, one-stop platform for all your business needs. Come explore your business possibilities at

2018: A good year to Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

Watching cryptocurrencies grow and expand, it is impossible not to regret not jumping into the trade sooner. However, it is not too late to invest. 2018 is the perfect year to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon.

Cryptocurrency boom and dip

The very first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, hit a $10,000 USD mark earlier in 2018. Although this is lower than last year’s $19,000 USD, a low that sends many who have already invested into panic, it is a great time for new investors. The public now knows the peaks cryptocurrencies can achieve and are eager to join the race. By the time the market cap rises again, digital money will have a lot more people on board.

Altcoin availability

We are in a year when thousands of altcoins are in the market and there are many more that are continuing to be created. Altcoins provide an opportunity to new investors. There are people just waking up to the cryptocurrency movement and are waiting to join. These people may have a hard time choosing a cryptocurrency to invest in but good choices are not hard to come by.

Mass acceptance

This year, many industries have opened their wallets to cryptocurrencies. Many vendors accept digital money for payment and are aware of the benefits. A widespread recognition of this currency allows more people to utilize the cryptocurrencies they own in the real world.

Blockchain technology introduced to popular sectors

The underlying network of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, is being used by a wide variety of sectors in 2018. There are many benefits to using blockchain technology; the technology is secure, fast, economic and automated. The features have major implications in domains like supply chain management.

The blockchain technology and its decentralized nature are validated through the diverse applications. Cryptocurrencies function on a decentralized network and will not be under any central control. The ease of use draws in more users for the currency in 2018.

The year of Tokens

Despite the fact that ICO’s were introduced by Ethereum, 2018 is the year when a lot more tokens, with improved utility, are being developed. Tokens are available at a more reasonable rate than coins, and purchasing them beforehand will only increase chances of returns.

Feelium Tokens

Feelium is a tokenized platform introduced in 2018. The Feelium tokens can be used to facilitate smart contracts and escrow services on the platform and there is also a wallet to wallet transfer facility.

Priced at just $1USD in the pre-ICO sale, the value of Feelium is estimated to rise 10 times by 2019. As validated by other cryptocurrencies before Feelium, a safe and serious currency will always boom in the digital market. Visit to register today.

There also many secure crypto exchanges available today and many more are coming up. Crypto exchanges are platforms to trade money, assets or other cryptocurrencies. PCEX, the crypto exchange by Panaesha Capital, is launching in June. PCEX will provide high liquidity, ease of trade and faster transactions.