2018: A good year to Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

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Watching cryptocurrencies grow and expand, it is impossible not to regret not jumping into the trade sooner. However, it is not too late to invest. 2018 is the perfect year to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon.

Cryptocurrency boom and dip

The very first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, hit a $10,000 USD mark earlier in 2018. Although this is lower than last year’s $19,000 USD, a low that sends many who have already invested into panic, it is a great time for new investors. The public now knows the peaks cryptocurrencies can achieve and are eager to join the race. By the time the market cap rises again, digital money will have a lot more people on board.

Altcoin availability

We are in a year when thousands of altcoins are in the market and there are many more that are continuing to be created. Altcoins provide an opportunity to new investors. There are people just waking up to the cryptocurrency movement and are waiting to join. These people may have a hard time choosing a cryptocurrency to invest in but good choices are not hard to come by.

Mass acceptance

This year, many industries have opened their wallets to cryptocurrencies. Many vendors accept digital money for payment and are aware of the benefits. A widespread recognition of this currency allows more people to utilize the cryptocurrencies they own in the real world.

Blockchain technology introduced to popular sectors

The underlying network of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, is being used by a wide variety of sectors in 2018. There are many benefits to using blockchain technology; the technology is secure, fast, economic and automated. The features have major implications in domains like supply chain management.

The blockchain technology and its decentralized nature are validated through the diverse applications. Cryptocurrencies function on a decentralized network and will not be under any central control. The ease of use draws in more users for the currency in 2018.

The year of Tokens

Despite the fact that ICO’s were introduced by Ethereum, 2018 is the year when a lot more tokens, with improved utility, are being developed. Tokens are available at a more reasonable rate than coins, and purchasing them beforehand will only increase chances of returns.

Feelium Tokens

Feelium is a tokenized platform introduced in 2018. The Feelium tokens can be used to facilitate smart contracts and escrow services on the platform and there is also a wallet to wallet transfer facility.

Priced at just $1USD in the pre-ICO sale, the value of Feelium is estimated to rise 10 times by 2019. As validated by other cryptocurrencies before Feelium, a safe and serious currency will always boom in the digital market. Visit to register today.

There also many secure crypto exchanges available today and many more are coming up. Crypto exchanges are platforms to trade money, assets or other cryptocurrencies. PCEX, the crypto exchange by Panaesha Capital, is launching in June. PCEX will provide high liquidity, ease of trade and faster transactions.

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