Panaesha Capital Will Launch PCEX, A Crypto Exchange Platform For All Investors

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PCEX, the cryptoexchange by Panaesha Capital, is launching in June 2018. Through PCEX, traders can exchange Feelium for other cryptocurrencies or for fiat money and the exchange functions as an additional platform to purchase Feelium tokens. PCEX uses a broker channel similar to the ones on stock exchanges and this channel adds a layer of security for traders. Furthermore, the traders are required to complete a KYC procedure in order to be allowed to trade on PCEX. The above safety procedures employed by PCEX will protect the users from any of the illegal activities usually faced by cryptocurrency exchanges.

A cryptoexchange is very similar to an online stock exchange portal albeit with a few advantages. The user enters the exchange portal, presents a trade order, and the exchange will match the order with other similar trade orders. The user can either purchase the listed cryptocurrencies on the exchange using fiat currency or trade one cryptocurrency for another. Traders can also sell the cryptocurrencies they own for fiat money.

Cryptoexchanges are easier to use than regular stock exchanges. On cryptoexchanges, users can buy a fraction of the cryptocurrency for whatever amount they wish to invest. Small investors are greatly benefited by this flexibility and it’s easier to create balanced portfolios this way. Traditional exchanges only allow the purchase of stock in whole numbers and you need to purchase a minimum of one stock to trade. Small investors may find this hard. Also, cryptoexchanges like PCEX function 24X7 while traditional exchanges are limited by market hours.

Exchanges like PCEX allow buying and selling instantly. With high transparency, every user can view the depth of trade on the platform and decide his/her order based on the current value. Most traders go through a third party, like PCEX, to facilitate the exchange. The platform charges a minor transaction fee for its services. On PCEX, you can also sign up for a wallet to store funds and positions.

The role of cryptoexchanges like PCEX is to reduce the technicalities involved in trading and to ensure high liquidity. High liquidity indicates the extent to which the market allows the buying and selling of products. In other words, the higher the liquidity of a platform, the faster assets get sold at a stable price.

As a fast and secure network, PCEX will help traders manage their financial wealth easily.

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