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India's only digital platform that offers end-to-end digital contracting solutions. Common agreements that serve individual needs to business contracts, there is a template available for every need. Scroll down to know more

The E-Contracting solution trusted by millions of users to get contracting work done faster

From rent agreements to offer letters to accounts to businesses, agreements are everywhere. With Feelium E-Contract (FEC), you will have the ability to get the contract done without involving noisy paperwork within minutes. And because it is safe, secure, legally binding, and easy to customize, you can rely on it for all stages of the agreement process, such as preparing, customizing, and managing agreements.

Feelium E-Contract Benefits

Feelium E-Contract eliminates noisy paperwork, reduces manual tasks, accelerates agreements, and makes it easy to do contract with the devices you are already using.


Make Contracting Faster

Create, customize, send and sign agreements from any electronic device within minutes rather than days. Up to 80% of agreements done in a day, and 50% of agreements within 10minutes!


Be More Efficient

With many templates to choose, Feelium E-contract helps you to draft an agreement for your specific needs without putting too much efforts, time and paperwork.


Save Effort

Feelium E-Contract saves your effort by eliminating paperwork as well as manual works involved in creating an agreement.

Industries It Serves
See How Feelium E-Contract Change the Contracting Experience
Why Feelium E-Contract?

Feelium E-Contract meets even the most demanding contracting requirements, delivering an experience that is satisfying and seamless enough for practically anyone.

100+ Templates to Choose

Hundreds of templates belonging to different industries including personal, outsourcing, lease & licensing, human resource, account & finance, and more to address different needs of different people under one umbrella.

Create Contract within Minutes

Fill standard information in your agreement like personal information, signature, date, etc and create your own agreement within few minutes.

Legally Binding & Court Admissible

Feelium E-contract complies with the Indian Evidence Act, Indian Contract Act, 1872, as well as Information & Technology Act, 2000 with each template designed by experienced and specialized lawyers.

Extremely Secure

Feelium E-contract offers a highly secure platform for creating, customizing, signing, and sharing contracts. Our three-step process of verification including KYC gives us an edge over our competitors.

Instant Status Visibility

Create and track where your agreement in the contracting process. Receive automated reminders and notifications at every step on your way of doing an agreement.

Sign for Anywhere

Work efficiently on all electronic platforms, Feelium E-contract enables you to access, view, and sign agreements from virtually any device within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions
Feelium E-contract allows you to create, customize and sign legally binding contracts in a more understandable and user-friendly way. You can choose from hundreds of readymade templates, customize contracts as per your needs, sign digitally, share and authenticate it in a cost-effective way.
Templates are an up-to-date library of legal documents that are created for all kinds of legal needs by a team of experienced, specialized, and professional lawyers. You can choose one or multiple templates to customize contracts, sign digitally, and authenticate it at affordable rates.
You do not need to involve in any kind of noisy paperwork when using Feelium E-Contract for making individual or business contracts. Choose from hundreds of templates available, customize it as per your needs, make corrections, and sign it from virtually any device within minutes rather than days.
Feelium E-Contract involves a three-step verification process. One needs to upload a proof of identity, proof of address, and a selfie for KYC.