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Applications of Blockchain in the Field of Cybersecurity

  We have got used to hearing about new and innovative projects with blockchain as the underlying technology. Whether it is an online marketplace or green energy blockchain technology is everywhere these days. Cybersecurity and Blockchain Technology Cybersecurity is becoming a pressing problem due to the unreliable nature of today’s world wide web. Cybersecurity alone Read more about Applications of Blockchain in the Field of Cybersecurity[…]

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Top 3 Blockchain Friendly Countries

The blockchain buzz is spreading across the globe. The adoption and research rate of  ‘blockchain’ has grown vastly in a very short span of time. Blockchain technology will soon reshape the world around us with its outstanding features such as global accessibility, transparency, safety, and security. Despite the fact that it has been around a decade Read more about Top 3 Blockchain Friendly Countries[…]

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Blockchain Technologies Achieve a New Legal Victory: Washington State Recognizes DLTs as Legally Valid

The past week has been remarkably positive for the blockchain ecosystem. With a strong bullish trend in the market indicating a positive sign, the DLTs scored a new victory, this time in the legal arena, thanks to the decision of the state of Washington to advance on legislation that officially recognizes the legitimacy of distributed Read more about Blockchain Technologies Achieve a New Legal Victory: Washington State Recognizes DLTs as Legally Valid[…]

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How blockchain can transform economy?

It has been a noted observation that blockchain has the power to transform the financial system by upending credit cards, manufacturing and voting industries. If you have heard the term blockchain in the past decade, you might have heard it in context with Bitcoin. Also, if you are a regular update person, you must know Read more about How blockchain can transform economy?[…]

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Blockchain This Week

Blockchain has disrupted various sectors globally. There are various countries that are experimenting and taking time to adapt to the new age blockchain technology. As various companies shake the blockchain hand, the rates of mass adoption have been going up. According to a 2019 market report by Pioneer reports, the global blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) market size Read more about Blockchain This Week[…]

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Blockchain-based project for medical records permission system

The Bitfury Group and blockchain-controlled medical information center Longenesis have mutually propelled creation of a blockchain-based medical records permission system. Information about the joint project was declared in an official statement on April 4, 2019. As per the announcement, the new project administer issues with the management of client assent for current and upcoming examination Read more about Blockchain-based project for medical records permission system[…]

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How Blockchain Is Changing the Auto Industry

Much of the audience is aware these days about blockchain, the underlying technology behind the top cryptocurrencies. What might be new to you is that the technology has a bigger potential than just financial transactions. The financial sector started experimenting with blockchain a while ago, but the automotive industry has just started to embrace the Read more about How Blockchain Is Changing the Auto Industry[…]

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Blockchain and the legal profession

To a common man, it may seem that blockchain is a concept that can be applied to just the crypto sector. Well, this revolutionary technology has a lot more to offer. The easiest way to think of it is as a decentralized digital ledger. In simple terms, the blockchain database is an incorruptible ledger stored Read more about Blockchain and the legal profession[…]

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Centralized vs Decentralized Blockchain

Blockchain Technology has intrigued investors from all over the world due to the incredible promise of being an incorruptible ledger. When the audience hears the word blockchain, they refer to the decentralized or public blockchains like Bitcoin which anyone can access and participate in. However, blockchain technology is not limited to being just decentralized as Read more about Centralized vs Decentralized Blockchain[…]

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What does Blockchain mean for investment banking?

Blockchain is continuing to march at the forefront of the fintech boom and one can clearly notice the ramifications for system efficiency and simplification across the investment banking ecosystem. While the impact is likely to be huge long term, the technology is still going through the typical growing pains of a somewhat nascent player in Read more about What does Blockchain mean for investment banking?[…]