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Understanding the Types of Blockchains

The term Blockchain does not need any introduction now as you must be aware of this term by now. But if you are new then let us give you a short introduction. Blockchain is an open distributed ledger that records each and every transaction between two parties. Many industries have started using blockchain and enjoying Read more about Understanding the Types of Blockchains[…]

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Public key vs Private Key

The Public key and Private key are the cryptographic keys that are used to lock and unlock cryptographic functions including authentication, authorization, and encryption. Cryptographic keys are divided on the basis of the functions they perform, what properties it has and how it will be used. Like, a key might have one of the properties Read more about Public key vs Private Key[…]

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Blockchain and Bitcoin: The Root and The Tree

Every digital information must be recorded as well as distributed, this was the aim when blockchain was invented. This might be difficult to grasp in the first place. So let us discover and understand how the first application of blockchain technology actually started. THE BACK STORY: Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta sketched the blockchain Read more about Blockchain and Bitcoin: The Root and The Tree[…]

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Sharding & its use in Blockchain

When we compare transactions of Visa and MasterCard with bitcoins and Etherum it is found that transactions on these coins are not fast enough for day to day transactions. That’s why the developers of blockchains and cryptocurrency are trying to improve the speed of transactions in the blockchain and Sharding is one such method. The Read more about Sharding & its use in Blockchain[…]

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Block Size, Explained

A block is just like a cluster of transactions, where each transaction needs to be validated before it is accepted by the network. This blog is going to show you what exactly is block size, issues that arise in the absence of block size and the solutions to resolve them.  Curious to know more, read Read more about Block Size, Explained[…]

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How Blockchain Technology influences the Music Industry?

The blockchain technology has influenced and helped many sectors since its inception in 2008. This technology is extremely advanced and has no competition as of now. Hence, be it banking, healthcare or the music industry,  all sectors of the trade are trying to incorporate it.  There are many reasons how blockchain affects the Music Industry. Read more about How Blockchain Technology influences the Music Industry?[…]

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4 advantages of Blockchain Technology outside Cryptocurrency

Blockchain is a resourceful and farsighted invention of the human. The technology is viewed to bring meaningful and significant changes in the system of finance. Its decentralized, independent and transparency features make it more reliable and easily accessible for the users. Blockchain stores all the information and the records between the parties as a distributed Read more about 4 advantages of Blockchain Technology outside Cryptocurrency[…]

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Top 5 Myths Surrounding Blockchain

Blockchain Technology has increasingly gained importance over the past years. From disrupting the working of industries to changing the way we live our day-to-day life, this technology has seeped into everything. This transformative technology is seen by many as the ultimate solution to all our modern-day problems.  No wonder, people refer to blockchain as the Read more about Top 5 Myths Surrounding Blockchain[…]

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The Undeniable Potential of Blockchain Technology in India

Today we breathe in a world where technology is rapidly growing and reshaping our lives. The world is reaching new levels in terms of technology advancements every day. One such revolutionizing and redefining technology taking over the world is the Blockchain Technology. It is said to be limitless and taken as an ultimate solution to Read more about The Undeniable Potential of Blockchain Technology in India[…]

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Revolutionary Use of Blockchain in HR

For quite some time, blockchain has been transforming the financial world and now it has turned its focus on the HR industry. The opportunities of incorporating blockchain technologies in HR sector are endless and HR departments are embracing this technology with open arms. If blockchain technology is used in HR industry, it can completely transform Read more about Revolutionary Use of Blockchain in HR[…]