November 11, 2017

Crypto-Exchange – PCEX

A crypto exchange is a platform that digital currency traders can use, similar to an online portal for a stock exchange. A trader can log in, submit a buy/sell trade order, and the platform matches your trade order with a corresponding buy/sell order. The exchange will allow users to trade fiat for cryptocurrency or vice-versa, and also exchange one cryptocurrency for another.


PCEX is a full-service exchange; allowing for both cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchange and cryptocurrency to fiat trading.

PCEX is built differently from most crypto exchanges in that it employs a broker channel much like the existing stock exchange does. The exchange will require all traders to complete their KYC procedures before being allowed to trade on the platform. To trade, a customer will have to access the platform through a sub-broker, which adds levels of security and eliminates the existing illegal dark web activity that cryptocurrency faces.

With minimal transaction fees and fast, secure transactions and high liquidity, PCEX will grant traders the power to manage and expand their financial wealth.