What Your Company Logo Says About Your Brand


Logo plays an important role in advertising, promoting and marketing of your brand. Anything related to your brand, from huge billboards to business cards, has your brand’s logo on it. A logo is a key element in building your reputation and identity in the market. It is crucial to have a logo design that represents the core competencies of your company to the world. 

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.

Paul Rand

A brand logo should be timeless and always relevant to its philosophy. When you get a logo designed, there are numerous thoughts that pop-up in your mind. It is integral for a company to get a logo design that leaves a positive impression on your target audience. To make sure that your logo is able to convey the same, there are a few aspects of logo design that you should consider. Some of the factors that can get your company’s idea across are:


The first and the most important element of any logo is the color(s) it is printed in. Colors work as an attention-grabbing tool. Bright, vibrant colors give your logo an energetic and lively look, whereas subtle tints and shades signify classic and professional identity. When choosing a color, remember: 

Each colour has a different connotation

Every colour has a significance attached to it. You need to choose the colours in your logo wisely. Here are a few examples of various colours, and brands that use them:


BLUE-Calm, honest, trustworthy (image-logo of ford, visa, facebook)


RED- Energy, love, excitement, bold (image-logo of Coca-cola, redbull, kelogg’s)


YELLOW- Logical, playful, optimistic  (image-logo of mc donald’s, IMBD, Nikon)


GREEN- Growth, Natural, fresh (image-logo of acer, starbucks, spotify)

MULTICOLOR- Multitalented, Playful, Versatile (image-logo of google, ebay)

Tints and Shades

The basic colors, like the ones mentioned above, are just hues. A tint is adding a little white to the basic colour. It gives a softer, sophisticated look to your logo. Shade is made by adding a little bit of black to the basic colour. It adds variations to colour, and help a logo get a 3D look and feel.


Shape of your logo tells a lot about your company, just like color. You must be wondering how. To understand this, let us have a look at a few commonly used shapes:


A circle resembles wholeness and positivity. Use of rings in a logo show connection, relationship and bond, while the use of curves can signify feminity. (Image: logo of land rover and Hyundai)


This shape can signify, stability, balance and reliability. (Image: logo of domino’s pizza, Microsoft)


Triangles are a sign of intellect, power and energy. (Image: logo of Mitsubishi, reebok)


Believe it or not, the way name or initials of your company are written say a lot about your brand. Let’s try to understand this aspect in a bit more detail:

Serif typefaces

These are the fonts that have a little tail at the end of the stroke of their alphabets. These are considered as traditional, classic and comforting. An example of this is times new roman.

Sans serif typefaces

The fonts without tails or flourishes come under this font category. They give a clean and modern look to your logo. For example, Helvetica.

Script-like typefaces

These are the fonts that give a look of calligraphy or as if they are handwritten. They resemble elegance and creativity. One example of the same is the Lobster font.


Understanding the above factors can help you in identifying what you want to convey with your logo design. Each element from colour to shape to font has a significance attached to it. What you use and what you want to convey should be in sync with your core values. 


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