Ways to Monitor and Remove Bad Backlinks from Your Business Website

 Ways to Monitor and Remove Bad Backlinks from Your Business Website

Backlinks are essentially a reference to another resource. A backlink when clicked connects the user on some other website to the web resource, maybe a website, web page and web directory.

The use of the backlinks is in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Backlinks are used as an off-page technique to increase the ranking of a website in search engine results. Connecting links to other resources is an on-page technique. The number of links that are found on search engine algorithms helps in determining page rank. A page with a lot of backlinks led to rank higher on all the major search engine results.

Why is Link Building Important?

Link Building is a part of Search Engine Optimization. Whenever a user searches any query on Google, the ranking algorithm shows more than 100 signals to decide which page will show on the first-page position of Search Engine Research Pages. One of the best ways to show to Google that you have a high-quality website is to make sure that it has a good number of backlinks. However,  not all backlinks are good for your business website. Some bad links can ruin the overall performance of your website on SERPs. 

Why does Google Penalize a Website?

Manipulating the page rank of the website is against the Google guidelines. Google has its own advanced system that is artificially created for the single purpose of increasing the page rank of any website. Moreover, it has introduced the Penguin update, an algorithm that comprises a set of rules that are used for evaluating the quality of backlinks. 

When Google finds a website that has a lot of bad backlinks, it suddenly removes the particular website from the Google index and also decreases its ranking from the search results. In other words, the website lost Google’s trust and it’s ranking as well. 

How to Find Bad Backlinks?

There are a lot of options which you can choose to find the bad backlinks on your website. When it comes to checking bad backlinks manually, you have mainly two options to choose from. You can either use tools like Google Search Console or SEMrush to identify all the bad backlinks on your site.

When talking about the Google Search Console, it provides you with a list of a mix of links i.e good, bad, follow and unfollow links. But Google will not point out which are the good or bad links, you have to identify each link and review them manually to decide whether it is a good link or toxic link. If you find bad links on your website then add them to disavow file and submit it to Google. 

How to Remove Bad Backlinks

When you find out the bad backlink, either by using Google Search Console or SEMrush tools, the next step is to submit a request to Google to remove it. 

What you need to keep in mind here is that not all bad backlinks will be automatically removed by Google. When you talk about removing bad backlinks, it means giving instructions to Google not to consider those links when they come to pass the page rank from one website to another. These bad links can show on your Google search results but cannot be considered by the algorithm.

From the above discussion, you can easily understand how bad links can create problems for your website in terms of Google penalties. By using the above tactics you can easily identify the bad backlinks. However, if you do not know about the ABC of link building, it’s best to hire an SEO team from Panaesha Capital that helps you in whitehat practices and provides you the best details regarding backlinking.

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