Top SEO Trends To Rank Your Website in 2020

 Top SEO Trends To Rank Your Website in 2020

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for digital marketers and all sizes of businesses. It allows your site to appear on top of the search results. In other words, it helps to increase your business visibility on the search engine results pages (SERPs) which leads to generating more traffic and leads for your business.

Whether you are a startup or big business owner who needs an overview of the new change in SEO or an expert marketer who wants to know new SEO strategies, this blog will keep you informed and updated on top 10 SEO trends 2020. 

Keyword Research will be Even More Important

Google has emerged from being a search engine to a suggestion engine. How keywords were used previously on the web pages to improve the relevancy has changed. However, the base of the SEO strategy still works on keyword research. It does not matter whether searches are done by entering text or using voice, keywords are the best way for ranking algorithms. 

Some basic tips you can use to upgrade research strategy-

  • Use some of the best keywords tools to like SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, UberSugguest, etc. for preparing your best keyword list.
  • Choose relevant topic instead of keywords, this will help you to find out your secondary keywords from primary keywords. 
  • Identify the topic and then enter it into Google to see the autosuggest,  as this will help you identify the most search keywords. 

Influencers Will Improve Your Site's Engagement Metrics

The use of the engagement metrics helps you to identify your content effectiveness. It is not stated directly by Google, however, the major search engine giants can help in measuring the engagement metric of your site. This will also help in identifying the quality of your content and then rank it accordingly on search results. The engagement metrics that play an important role in raking is Bounce Rate, click to call, dwell time, comments, time on the page visitors spend, etc. All these metrics help you in evaluating your content strategy. 

Voice Search will Make Almost 50% of All Online Searches

Voice is a dominant trend in the world of search. Therefore it is one of the best SEO trends to look at. 27% visit the local business website through voice search and by 2020, the voice recognition market will hit $601 million. It clearly shows that voice searches become one of the most used search methods. So the brand should need to optimize sites correctly for voice. 

The marketer says that voice search is quick and enhance productivity. Optimizing the website will require a different approach while coming into action. For instance, when a user makes a voice search term like how, where, why, when, etc will be featured more prominently. The business which optimizes their website for specific keywords will now have to change their approach to entertain these long-tail searches. Sites that focus on keywords like ‘Top Video Marketing’ will now have to optimize ‘where can I find cheapest video marketing services in Delhi’. This new SEO trend sees a shift to focusing even more on user intent, problem-solving and local searches.

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Video will be The New King of Content

Google likes videos. It is a vital part of your SEO strategy and digital marketing efforts. Facts have shown that video is 50 times more likely to show up on the first page of SERP than a web page or a boring text. Also, 96% of people agreed that watching videos helps them to know about products or services. Therefore, brand-related videos into SEO strategy helps to improve brand engagement with the target audience. 

Tips to boost your SEO with video:

  • Always use an engaging thumbnail image for convincing people to click and watch the videos.
  • Try to use the right schema tags to let search engines understand your video. 
  • Upload your business video on multiple social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. for generating more engagement for your business. 
  • Optimize the title and video description and make sure your videos are mobile-friendly too

Mobile Usability will be Critical for Higher Rankings

Research shows that 87% of users are on mobile phones and around 40% of transactions done through mobile. Even Google jumped to mobile-first indexing on 1st July 2019 to improve the mobile search experience. So you cannot improves on search results if you have not optimized for mobile phones. Moreover, Google is predominately using a mobile version of the content for indexing as well as ranking. Since many users now access Google through smartphones, Googlebot primarily crawls and indexes pages with the smartphone agent going forward.

When you come across SEO, 2020 will be the year of tough competition as it is going to be easy for site owners to get a significant share of organic traffic from Google. However, you can stand out in competition by staying up to date with the latest SEO trends. 

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