Top 8 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits of Responsive Website Design

 Top 8 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits of Responsive Website Design

In this digital world, where thousands of websites are available on the Web, you must make your presence top on the Google search. To achieve this goal, you need to optimize the websites by boosting your search engine optimization(SEO).

There are over 60% of websites that are available on the internet but not able to take the benefits of the responsive website design. The responsive websites mean to create a website that can be user-friendly to customers and gets more visitors to sell the product or services. When you have a responsive website then posting good quality of content to attract more visitors is essential. Nowadays, mobile web browsing becomes popular in the market. Statistics shows that more than 200% of smartphones are using for browsing than desktop computers.

Now, Let’s have a look below at the top 8 SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design —

Boost in Website Speed

Internet users love a website that should be loaded in just split of seconds. If the website takes more than 5 seconds to load then probably the website is poorly developed. In this response, the visitor will start getting irritated with the loading speed and will never visit that website. When you are having a responsive website then it is sure that the site will load quickly on any user’s device without wasting time. A responsive website not only makes users journey easy and effortless but also boost your performance on major search engines like Google.

Decreased Bounce Rate

The bounce rate means that visitors just open a site and leave it before spending an amount of time that is considered significant by the search engines. Google keeps on noticing the bounce rate of the website and accordingly affect the SEO ranking of the website.

Going with a responsive website can help in decreasing the bounce rate of the site by providing users a wonderful experience in any device they are using to browse your site. With RWD, the quality of the site will be top-notch and the viewers will like to spend more time on the site.

Mobile-Friendly Sites

Google gives more preference to mobile-friendly websites in search engine ranking. Since 2015, Google introduced a new algorithm for the search ranking where the sites are more mobile-friendly is granted as the major ranking signal. The change came into existence when Google found that more than 60% of searches are done on Google by smartphones. In the future, this percentage will be going to further increase. Hence, it is suggested to use responsive website design to make the sites more attractive to users as well as more friendly for smartphones.

Better User Experience

For improving the SEO rankings, the user experience must be improved and enhanced. The users can easily able to navigate through the sites and there should not be any blockages in middle. The content they are looking must be easy to reach.

The responsibility of a good site is to make the navigation experience of users great so that they can love to spend their time on your website. This will not only help you in retaining customers but will also improve your ranking on major search engines.

The simple  math that works here is —

More user engagement & traffic =  Excellent Increase in Search Results

Faster Indexing of Backlinks

Backlinks are the links from one website to another page of websites. Pages with having a high number of backlinks leads to have high organic search ranking. More is the backlinks available on your site, the more it will better. The various website links never matter what matters are the quality of websites where you have posted the links. Google keeps a record of backlinks that you have on sites and thus increase the rank of your website on search engine result pages (SERPs). Most of the responsive website will make sure that the backlinks get boost up easily.


You can easily uplift Social Engine optimization (SEO) ranking with a responsive site. This will not charge you less but also returns you the best in a shorter period of time. 

Device Independence

It is essential that the site must be able to open on all types of devices. Today, people prefer to perform searches through mobiles, tablets and other smart devices. Therefore make your site a responsive one as it would be adapted easily. With Responsive Website Design, you cannot only make your website looks great on all available devices but also makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index the content available on your site.


When you create a website always consider visitors and their expectations to make it user-friendly. A user optimized site not only helps you in grabbing the attention of potential customers but also boost traffic and engagement on your web pages. When it comes to making your site mobile friendly, what will be better than going with a responsive website design? A responsive site makes your design mobile-friendly and optimizes both navigation and readability for your users.

It is all known that Google keeps tracking usability by looking at how much time people spend on your webpage. Google recognizes usability by looking into a few key metrics such as the time spent on a webpage. User experience and their interference should be considered seriously as other traditional on and off-page SEO efforts.

These are some of the major SEO benefits of having a responsive website. If you still have an ordinary site, it would be good to look for an experienced and specialized designer that can help you in creating a visually appealing, engaging and innovative site. If you are looking for one, Panaesha Capital is here to help!

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