Top 10 Important Elements Of Logo Design For Your Business

 Top 10 Important Elements Of Logo Design For Your Business

Top 10 Important Elements of Logo Design for Your Business

A Logo is the representation of your product and your brand. Your products and services may change or get an upgrade but it’s your logo that will build a recall value and trust in your target audience. Having a perfect logo is a crucial step in starting any business or vertical. While getting a logo designed for your business, companies generally find it difficult to get a logo that represents their brand values. We have prepared a guide of 10 important elements you must consider to get a great logo:

  • Simple Design- You might have lots of ideas going on in your head, but an overly complex logo looks unprofessional. It may lead to confusion about the information it is supposed to deliver about your brand. A simple logo, on the other hand, explains the brand’s identity clearly.
  • Relevance to brand value- The logo should be related to what your brand is about. This includes the theme, for example, it could be classic or trendy. You also need to choose the right colours, as each colour signifies emotions differently. Like red colour signifies excitement, whereas blue shows intelligence.

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.

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  • Versatile use- Once a logo is selected, it will be used for various purposes and on different mediums, ranging from huge billboards for advertisements to letterheads for official purposes. Thus, the logo must be designed to suit the numerous purposes of the brand altogether. 
  • Unique to your brand- There are hundreds and thousands of other brands in the market that are providing services and products similar to your brand. Your logo will be the first thing potential customers and clients will see. It should be able to stand out from other brands, to be able to convince people to choose you instead of others available in the market. 
  • Build a Recall Value- Your logo resembles your brand. In order for people to remember your brand, it is important that your logo is understandable, recognizable, and attractive.
  • Icon or Image Style- The next important aspect is the style of the logo. It can be in the form of an image, such as an icon or text, generally the name of your brand. It may also be a blend of both, depending on what you intend to convey from it. 
  • Relatable Typography- If you add text to your logo, the typography should be close to your brand’s theme. For example, if it’s something related to children, the font needs to be youthful, like that of Disney, which is colorful and suitable for a particular category of viewers. 
  • Balance of Text & image- While designing a logo that includes icons and text, you must keep in mind that both go well with each other. This provides a balance between parts of your logo, making them look like one complete piece. Also, they need to be complete in themselves. An easy way of doing so is by separating them once the design seems complete. If they look appropriate separately, your purpose is fulfilled.
  • Proportional Shape- All well-known brands design their logo using geometrical shapes. Let’s take an example of Apple and Starbucks. The logos of both brands are based on a circular shape. This helps deliver a sense of completeness to the logo.  Other concepts you can design your logo on can be symmetry and other basic geometric shapes. For example, the swoosh of Nike is based on a triangle.
  • Timeless in its Entirety- One last thing you need to keep in mind while designing a logo is that it should be long-lasting. You need to design something that is trendy but will also stand the test of time. A timeless logo resembles the firmness and strength of a brand in the market. An example of this can be Coca-Cola, whose logo has been the same since 1905, and is still loved after more than a century. 


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Understanding your customer’s needs helps you get an idea about what they are looking for. Whether you are selling a product or providing services to your customers, you need to keep the points mentioned above in mind while designing a logo for your brand. Panaesha Capital is your solution for innovating, proportionate and long-lasting logo designs.

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