How Do Search Engines Work & Why Your Business Should Care?

 How Do Search Engines Work & Why Your Business Should Care?

How Do Search Engines Work & Why Your Business Should Care?

From mothers searching for recipes to students trying to finish their assignments; from the latest movie of your favourite actor to Donald Trump’s age, search engines, especially Google seems to be a wizard, who knows everything about everyone. But have you ever wondered how is google, or any other search engine able to give exactly the answer to what you were looking for?

Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.

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A vast amount of information is available to us at all times on the internet. With the abundance of information that is posted and shared online, it is nearly impossible to have that sorted without an automated system in place. Most search engines work like computer systems and work on the information in two phases. These are:


How do search works?


Information Search through Crawling

Search engine spiders (Computer programs) go crawling (searching) through webservers (simply servers) to read the information, understand it and show it in the search results. They scan the websites and categorise the information as per their format,  for example, text, images, videos, etc. They discover interlinks and hyperlinks, move on to them, and so the searching or crawling keeps going on and on. With thousands of pages being uploaded daily, these spiders stay very busy searching and gathering information.  

For your web content to be ranking, these spiders should find its content readable. What we mean here is that the computer system should be able to understand the format of the information you upload.



 Information Sorting through Indexing

Information that the spiders searched for is stored after being gathered and organised. This is called indexing. Parameters such as title, keywords, type of content amongst many more are saved. Though they don’t gather all the information, if the content of your website is not saved in these indexes, it will not be shown in search results. This is because search engines use algorithms to obtain a result. And by now, you must have guessed that these parameters are used by algorithms. In order to get your webpage top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), you need to follow the process called Seach Engine Orientation (SEO).

The combination of sorting and indexing results in a ranking of your content in the search engines results. The most informative, unique, comprehensive and readable content ranks at top based on its relevance to the search query. Making your content more search engine friendly by understanding its ranking algorithms can be beneficial to your business.

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“Did you know? Google works upon a set of 255 algorithms”. 



People looking for anything on search engine prefer referring to the first five results, often called the “Golden Triangle”. Your websites need to rank on SERPs in order to gain more traffic. If your webpage is in the second or third page of web results, it is less likely to be visited. Knowing how a search engine works helps you increase your ranking and gain more traffic on your webpage. 

For more information on the advantages of SEO, click here.

Search engines seem to be full of complex computer programs. On the contrary, how they work and using them to rank your webpage, is very simple. Content can play a crucial role in driving traffic and generating leads through SEO. Panaesha Capital provides you digital services such as SEO, Content Marketing, SMM and more in an optimized way.

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