How Can I Make a Website for My Small Business?

 How Can I Make a Website for My Small Business?

It is hard to run a business without a web presence. Today, consumers are active on the internet so, it’s better to sell products or services through an online platform. When it comes to running a business online, it is vital for businesses to have a website. Having a site that is well designed can give you an edge in the market, and if you have a product and services to sell, your site can work as a new marketplace where you can expand your business easily. 

Getting a quality website is not an expenses but rather an investment.

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As web design has evolved so, it has become much easier to create a site for your business than ever. However, you need to develop an attractive and functional website to make it worth your business. It does not matter which platform you use, here are basic tips that will provide your site with a professional look which is easily navigable to users and will show your company’s professionalism. 


Determine the Purpose of your Website

A website for business provides general information about your company or an eCommerce platform. No matter, whether you create a simple or complex site, the important point is that your homepage information must clearly be shown to an audience in detail and customers can easily look for any services or product they want.  

Whatever the fundamental goal of your website is or whatever the focus may be, users should be easily able to achieve it, and the goal itself should be reinforced as users navigate throughout your site.

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Decide your Domain Name 

Choosing the right domain name is also important when going to design a site for your business. It is the URL you will be shared with your visitors, potential clients and helps in promoting on social media. Therefore, it must be easy to remember, descriptive, and type in. Make it short and steer clear of abbreviations and numbers to avoid customer confusion. You also need to decide the top-level domain. This is a suffix that is added at the end of domain names like .com, .net, or .biz. 

Once you selected the right domain name, you need to confirm and purchase it though domain registrar like Wix, GoDaddy,, etc. Moreover, don’t miss to check the copyright to make sure that you are not using anyone else’s protected name with your site.


Choose a Web Host

A website always needs a host, a server where all the data is stored for the users to access it any time. For any size of the business, hosting your own site can be expensive, so you will need to select an external host. 

When going to choose a web host, you have usually two options to choose i.e. a shared web host and a private web host, which you can choose depending on your budget. Shared web host cost you less but you have to share a server with other sites. Choosing a private host costs significantly more, but it provides your own private server and won’t have to compete to drag a speed like in sharing web host.

As your company grows, you also need to upgrade to a different host or even work with multiple partners to handle your website operation and traffic. So, it is advised to keep a close look on your site performance and user experience who are already using your website so you can work more on your hosting needs.


Build your Pages 

Creating a good website takes a lot of effort. You have to make multiple pages for different aspects of your business like detailed information regarding products and services or a blog section for the company’s update. You have to be sure that each page supports the primary goal of the website,  has a clear purpose, and must include a Call-To-Action button. 

The contact page that helps customers directly get in touch with you should also be included on your site. Make sure you include a company’s information like (phone number, address, email, locations) on your contact page to let your clients connect with you whenever they want. 


Test and Upload Your Website 

Before making an announcement that your site is active on the web, make sure it works on all the major browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. Click and check through each page and feature on every browser to ensure that links are correct, images show up and the format looks smooth. It will take some time, but the efforts you put in will save future compliance from users who can’t access certain features.

Analytics program is also an important feature to include in your site from the very start. Setting this up before the website is live, you can easily find out any issue and change it accordingly. Once the site is live, you can easily determine and monitor pages’ performance using analytics tools. 

Maintain your Site 

Staying on the relevant content is important. So, keep updating your site with blogs and articles on the company’s current events, products, services, offers and news to keep your visitors coming back to your website.  

You should also keep checking your site at least a month to ensure your software are up to date. If your software is not up to date, it is in danger of being hacked, even if the host’s security is strong. If you don’t have any IT experts, assign the task to the trusted web design & development company.  


Making a site for your company is a low-cost investment that will help you to establish credibility and reach a wider customer base. If you make your website updated with current content, and efficient to address the technical issues, you will not have to worry about your site and future clients. 


Follow these simple steps and you will on your way to creating a good and practical website for your business. If you are finding this list a little bit daunting, keep in mind that many successful businesses follow these steps for making their business successful in the market. 


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