Five blockchain developers making a real impact in the blockchain industry

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Blockchain developers are a rare group of experts who are making a real impact in the flourishing industry. Below is a list of five developers who are elite among the elite, changing the face of global financial systems

Anything that you can conceive of as a supply chain, blockchain can vastly improve its efficiency-it doesn’t matter if its people,numbers,data,money. -Ginny Rometty  

Vitalik Buterin, Co-Founder of Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine

Buterin is a co-founder and inventor of Ethereum, described as a “decentralised mining network and software development platform”.Buterin, like the rest of the modern day legends, grabbed an opportunity to simplify technology and to turn a highly complex issue into something that could be used by many. Buterin introduced his idea to the world with his white paper in 2013, in which Buterin proposed the Ethereum blockchain. Buterin’s white paper was scrutinized by the Thiel Fellowship which saw a potential in Buterin’s innovation. The inventor was given a grant of $100,000, access to the Fellowship’s resources and guidance, and Buterin started working on Ethereum full-time. Ethereum was first sold in the summer of 2014. Prices skyrocketed from $15 per Ethereum to its peak price of about $390. The hike made Ethereum the second biggest cryptocurrency. Ethereum and its inventor, Vitalik Buterin, became established names in the blockchain industry and are currently two important pillars in the market.

At the age of just 24, Vitalik Buterin has opened the door of possibilities for the industry. Buterin created the second most valuable blockchain ecosystem by market cap.

Gavin Andresen, Software and Bitcoin developer

Andresen is a software developer who is best known for his involvement with Bitcoin. Gavin is one of the earliest supporters of cryptocurrencies, encouraging the possibilities it could bring. Gavin’s contributions have been highly influential even though there are a few scandals with his name involved.

Gavin also created ClearCoin, an escrow type service, which was closed on about 23 June, 2011. Also, Gavn is the founder of a Bitcoin Foundation.

Erik Voorhees, Founder of ShapeShift

Erik Voorhees is the co-founder of the Bitcoin company Coinapult. Erik is also the founder and partial owner of the bitcoin gambling website Satoshi Dice. Also, Erik is the creator and CEO of the instant bitcoin and altcoin exchange

Erik sparked a controversy in 2017 regarding his support  for the Segwit2x software upgrade, but has still managed to keep his name alive in the industry.

Elizabeth Stark, Co-Founder and CEO of Lightning Labs

Stark is the founder of Lightning Labs, a company that “scales blockchain”. Lightning Labs  is based in San Francisco. Also a fellow at CoinCenter, Stark has founded Lightning Labs as a direct solution to scalability issues. Lightning Labs tries to deliver faster and cheaper transactions across multiple cryptos. Stark also has taught peer to peer transactions and privacy at prestigious institutes like Stanford and Yale.

Riccardo Spagni, Lead Developer at Monero

Riccardo Spagni has a favorite nickname, fluffy pony on his Twitter handle. Spagnia is a part of various endeavours and startups across traditional and cryptocurrency-related industries. The company recently launched a new blockchain protocol called Tari.

Spagni and other Monero developers hard-forked the blockchain to create two incompatible implementations, although the chain that had added support for merged mining with ByteCoin did not last long following the loss of its community.

There we have it – just a small selection of the top five influential people in blockchain on our radar. Blockchain technology is gaining momentum each day and we are hoping for a bright and secure future.

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