Expert Level Mobile App Marketing Tips For Small Business

 Expert Level Mobile App Marketing Tips For Small Business

In today’s world, small businesses usually prefer to target mobile applications to increase the popularity of their product and services.

Mobile App marketing is unique and different from the other methods of marketing because it lets the businesses get in contact with their customers on devices that they are using all the time i.e smartphones and tablets.

The leniency is quite high as the mobile phone is getting much handier and sometimes you may get exceptionally useful features that would be hard to come by in any other device. Mobile App marketing leads to a type of marketing activities which are responsible to drive app downloads, engage mobile users and retain those users who have already downloaded the app.

If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished. Former SVP, Coca-Cola

Let’s look at the few tips for marketing mobile apps that you should keep in mind.

Visible in the App Store

This is a process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in search results. The higher the rank of your app, the more it is visible to your potential customers. The main factors that affect your App Store Optimization (ASO) are Title, Descriptions, Screenshots and Icons. The mobile app title should be easily readable, focused and have high recognition value.

The description should make sure to point out what problems your app solves and should use relevant keywords. The Icon reflects your app structure and designs it in a unique shape. Most importantly the Screenshots of your Application showcase its core features and functions.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization will help you to gain more visibility on the app store your app is featured. ASO is similar to Search Engine Optimization in a way that makes easier for users to find your app. Most of the apps stores like Google Play and iPhone’s App Store manage to optimize the search results on certain parameters like a number of downloads, rating average, reviews by users, etc.

Your mobile app title is one of the important aspects of getting in the search results. It is advised to use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner that will tell you what are the preferences of people searching for an app in the category you want to compete.

Facebook Marketing

We all must be aware of the irritating ads on facebook but when you are new in the business, you must know how effective the strategy of Facebook marketing really is. Facebook will allow a more effective approach to the users who are really interested and want to connect with you through an app.

You can also link up with the page of promoted posts and sponsored stories to expand the reach to your target audience through this social media platform.

Expert Level Mobile App Marketing Tips For Small Business

Invest Some Time on Social Platforms

The most common tips for mobile marketing app is to use social media efficiently. The promoted tweets, Instagram stories are extremely useful in driving the traffic and up-ing the number of app download to soaring heights. Always start your promotion with a small budget and keep working on different keywords so that you get the time to judge and scale up according to the best cost-per-acquisition. 

Your potential users are already on their device so it won’t take a lot of efforts for someone who sees your social media post to install your app. Instagram is seen as a superior way of increasing audience reach because on an average nearly to 120 million monthly users get easy attention through their photos and short videos. So it’s one of the best platforms for your mobile app promotions.

Add Recommendations in Your App

You must have seen the ratings and recommendations by people on some of the app you must be using. These recommendations add to the trust factor for a person searching for your app keywords. You can ask your users to recommend this app in returns for some extra benefits like increased subscription period, discount coupon and so on.

If any user recommends your app to another potential client this reflects that the app is useful and is improving its word of mouth marketing. This strategy is termed as inducing viral mechanics within the app which helps you to market your app effectively if you are able to satisfy a few customers initially.

Blogger and Influencers

You will need to work hard to make your mobile app effective and famous. However, if you are smart enough, you can get others to help you gain more exposure. What you have to do is try to reach out to your industry-specific bloggers and members of the media and promote your product with their help. Here, you can channel their viewer base into using your product and learn more about it.

Using Best SEO Practices

App stores are extremely crowded with applications that have most common features to offer its audience. In the cut-throat competition, it could be difficult to position your application on the top of Search Results. The efforts required to optimize your app in these app stores can be mellowed down a bit by creating your own website and using web optimization strategies that can significantly cut down the immense competition. The best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques can bring your app to the top of preferences in the search results.

Implement Suggestions

The mobile apps are worked dynamically and their maintenance part is equally more important. You need to rely on the users’ reviews and pay attention to each of these grievances and suggestions to increase the popularity further. The reviews are an important factor while marketing mobile apps as it helps to understand the shortcomings of apps. Hence, assess the extent of success the marketing strategy has achieved after each phase of development. Analyse the suggestions and come up with Bug Fixes and Newer Versions for your users from time to time.

Share on Q&A Social Networks

Advertising your Mobile app through popular networks likes Quora, Google Ads, Reddit, etc. will be very useful if it did correctly. These platforms are known for user reliance on them. If you suggest your app under relevant fields and questions, you can not only increase downloads but also add to the trust factor in your app. Among all of these Reddit allows you to give ads at exceptionally cheap rates. You have to search for the websites where you can find the target audience and check whether the network allows you to advertise your app in there or not. Mobile app marketing is a tough job to do and requires a lot of determination and persistence along with awareness. Remember to use a seasoned agency like Panaesha Capital for your Mobile App Marketing needs.

Measure your app’s KPIs

Key Performance Indicators will help you to analyse your mobile app on a regular basis so you know how well your app is working on the market. Always consider the most important KPIs to pay attention to the market when assessing your app’s success. Always keep in mind your users and their feelings about your app. When dealing with mobile application marketing, every detail is essential.

Mobile Applications are gaining popularity among users because of its ease of use. People check a brand’s website to check their authenticity online but will prefer to use its application when buying its products or using its services. The need for Mobile App Marketing is aptly described by this statement of Nihal Mehta, General Founding member of Eniac Ventures,

The mobile device has become our communications hub, our diary, our entertainment portal, our primary source of media consumption, our wallet and our gateway to real-time information tailored to our needs. The revolution is now!

Team Panaesha

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