Content Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2020

 Content Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2020

As you all know content marketing is important for businesses, it helps in building trust among the users and helps in generating leads. The content quality always matters, but sometimes good quality content can’t get highlighted if you are not adopting the right strategy. Looking into the content marketing statistics from 2020 is an outstanding way to assess and shape your content strategy for the greater good. 

Now, this is the time when businesses are busy planning and tweaking their content marketing strategies to explore this year. So, it is important to know what is trending in content marketing. Because if you are not up to date with the latest content marketing trends, you will not be able to keep up with your competition or reach your audience effectively.

Content marketing is all about providing useful details to your potential customers. Instead of directly promoting your brand, it builds a useful and meaningful relationship with the users. Whereas content marketing statistics help to know why and where you should utilize the strategies that help to grow your business. 

Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom.

In this blog, you will read some more relevant and compelling data in detail that you need to know in 2020. 

Brand Awareness

86% of organizations have said in a recent survey that content marketing has helped them to reach their brand awareness goals. Every business wants to be a brand that people can easily recognize whenever they see the trademark or logo. However, this can be achieved when you have created a high level of brand awareness. The best way to build brand awareness is strategic content marketing. 

Presenting the potential customer with up to date information about your products, services, and organization via engaging and attractive content is the best way to establish a strong brand image in the market. Moreover, a combination of video and graphics content is the most effective way to show your brand.

Customer Engagement and Loyalty

45% of marketers rate their interactive content extremely engaging. A well-written content helps to engage the customers and builds long term loyalty. A wide range of content from technical to humorous to informative can be used to engage the target audience. Video-based content marketing is also used by many organizations to drive customer engagement. 

Customer Education

Customers who are well aware of your services or products feel empowered when going to make a purchase and also recommend your brand to their known ones. Content marketing is the best way to ensure that your customers have knowledge about your products or services. About 70% of customers would prefer to learn about a new product via written content instead of traditional advertisements. Whether it is blog & article, press release or an abbreviated user’s guide, online content always educates the customers.

Sales Growth

Content marketing earns an average of three times more leads than paid searches. It is a big success over a paid search advertisement that makes content marketing a worthy investment for any company. The thing you need is content that captures consumers’ attention. You always provide them useful and relevant content at every stage if you want to increase the sales growth with content marketing. 

Content Marketing Budgets on the Rise

Nearly 56% of businesses reported they want to increase their content creation spending initiative in 2020. Research shows that 53% of businesses have established content marketing plans and budgets. Making a content marketing budget is a very important and effective way of showing a strong marketing presence for your brand. The big brands already have a content marketing budget which includes funding for full-time staff. As per records, 50% of businesses expect increased spending on their content marketing and content creation initiatives in 2020. The increased demand for high-quality content means that this trend is continuously growing over the upcoming years. 

Content Planning Is Crucial for Success

Today, 92% of B2B marketing leaders claim that content plays a critical role in the decision-making process. So, meeting the needs of these leaders cannot be possible without a content marketing plan. Sadly, some marketers and businesses do not prefer to invest resources in content planning. While many marketers think that content planning is important for achieving success. The annual research of the content marketing institutes has also confirmed that a documented content marketing strategy is vital for content marketing success.

Some Important Content Statistics -

Many businesses are increasing content marketing spending in 2020, so it is very important to know where and how to spend your money effectively. To do so, have a look at other top content marketing statistics and trends in 2020.

  • 61% of customers report a preference for brands with a content presence.
  • 90% of customers see a huge benefit from content marketing.
  • Using content marketing to build customer loyalty is the goal of 52% of content marketing clients.
  • According to one survey, “72% of marketers say content marketing increases engagement”.
  • 49% of B2C marketers choose to outsource their content creation.
  • 62% of marketing agencies saw an increase in the number of clients seeking content marketing services. 

Content Marketing is crucial for both B2B and B2C organizations. And from the above-mentioned data, you can easily understand its importance in the coming years. Companies that stay on the top of marketing trends and create engaging, highly relevant content are poised to enjoy significant year-over-year growth in sales, leads and brand awareness.

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