8 Proven Small Business Digital Marketing Tactics That Get the Results

 8 Proven Small Business Digital Marketing Tactics That Get the Results

In today’s competitive world, digital marketing helps small businesses and startups to generate leads. Hence, startups and small businesses that are not interested in digital marketing have to understand the importance of it.

To accomplish online marketing, B2C and B2B companies understand they have to connect with all digital channels if they really want to connect with their target audience.

This is one such channel that delivers leads and according to the latest surveys up to 40% have already achieved considerable savings from promotion and generating business leads through digital marketing. It is also proven to deliver higher conversion rates likely to 2.8 times better revenue growth for businesses using digital marketing strategies.

With such growth expectancies, small and medium enterprises now have up to 3.3 times better chances for extending their business and expanding their workforce. With doors opening like this, no wonder business owners are shifting their budgets from traditional to digital marketing strategies.

Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks.

Neil Patel

Now, let’s have a look into 8 effective small business digital marketing tactics that get the results :

Shareable Content

If content is king, then conversion is queen.

John Munsell

Writing effective, relevant, engaging and shareable content is one of the most important parts of small businesses’ digital marketing campaigns. High quality and relevant content can build a strong relationship with the targeted audiences, improve brand image, and can boost business revenue.

“The average consumer attention span is 8 seconds so you need to make your content count”!

Points to create high-quality content –

  • It helps businesses to reach marketing goals
  • It helps audiences to get their answers and compel them to share it.


Mobile & Desktop Marketing

For making the most out of your small business digital marketing efforts, you have to understand how both work. Talking about a desktop, the main focus should be to deliver a great user experience to visitors so that they not only stay longer but also take the desired action. Now, when it comes to mobile, you have to ensure that your site is efficient in every way. A mobile-friendly website is not all about design but about the overall experience and how it can compel users to take the desired action. So, your site is mobile responsive and loads at warp speed and never forgot to optimize it for search engines.

Organic Social Media

Investing in social media is non-brainer for any small business that wants to extend its reach. Approximately 70% of users like to use social media channels for customer support. Social media is being used by every brand that cares about its target audience and wants to participate in healthy competition.

By producing useful content that lets to create unpaid and organic growth to create long term stability and increase trust with social media followers. Working on increasing the organic engagement rate will help social media marketing in more than one way.


Webinars is nothing but online seminars that consist of a presentation, demonstration, and discussion. The best part of webinars is that they are more likely engaging and workable when it is compared to basic video content. Hence, webinars start and end at the selected time, they automatically have a scarcity element to them. Mainly it follows with Q&A session which increases its perceived value even the information presented is no different than a video.

A properly done webinar connect and interact with the targeted audience in real-time and position your brand as a credible source that people can turn to.

Tests Regularly

Small businesses that regularly test everything right from a small element to the biggest variable will have a definite competitive advantage over other businesses that go with their guesswork. Your business needs to develop the habit of testing right from the beginning so that you can achieve higher returns on investment in the long run.

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Focused Web Design

If you are looking for digital marketing to get more leads or sales then you have to understand the importance of favourable conversion rate i.e the design of websites. Your website should design in such a way that it can help to convert more visitors into leads and real customers. You need customers to give you repeat business which means your site must be sticky enough to bring them back.

The definition of a perfect business website is simple that it is specifically designed to fetch you high conversion. That’s why it is important to stand out in the crowd with a great conversion-focused design so that you get your prospective customers to buy from you rather than your competitors.

Power of Social Proof

Having a quality product along with professionally designed websites may help to attract targeted audiences. But when it comes to winning their trust and turning them to loyal customers, you need “Social Proof”. Customers these days seek validation before they commit to a product or service. They want to spend money on any product only after they are sure it works as it says. Which is why they want to know if other people have any experience related to your product. If they will find a good percentage of existing customers speaking well for your product, it will be easier for anyone to make a buying decision. This is a reason why giant companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, etc running for product reviews on their site. The real social proof also helps to enhance your social efforts not because your brand look more viable but also worthy when users see the rating display right in the search results.

Targeted Email List

If you need a trusted channel to drive repeat sales and build a solid relationship with your audience, then you need to have your own email list. A responsive email list is more valuable than an active social media following. The digital marketers who have tasted success with email marketing see it as the topmost channel for generating high-quality business leads that convert into sales. By leveraging email marketing, you will be capable to stay connected to your customers, give them value over time and send them targeted offers they are interested in.

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