5 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Website’s Graphics

 5 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Website’s Graphics

5 Reasons why you should pay attention to your website’s Graphics


Graphic Design is an important aspect of introducing, marketing and promoting any business. In this neck throat competition, how your brand is visible to the audience can play an essential role in attracting them towards you. This is where Graphic Design comes into place. The logos, brochure, presentations, hoardings and more are a representation of a business in the market. It is the graphics that can convey the business values, inform about its product, attract the target audience and make sales happen. How your company creates and utilizes the various design elements for your business is what will set you apart from the crowd.

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.

Paul Rand

Let us ask you….

What comes to your mind first when we talk about Sports Shoes?

Adidas… Nike…. Sketchers maybe?

And what first flashes in your mind when you think of high-end smartphones?


iPhone? Samsung?

Do you know why these particular brands are recalled and not the numerous other available in the market?


It is because they have built such brand value and recallable image in the market that the audience not only recognizes when they see its logo or advertisements but also prefer them amongst others. Major credit for the same goes to the Graphic Design and Visual representations that the brand uses for its marketing and promotional activities. Converting your business from a company into a brand, branding your products and services and building its brand identity can be done with graphics in a clear and concise way. There are multiple ways that graphic design can boost your business. Some of the most important reasons why Graphic Designing should be a priority are:

Makes your Brand Recognisable

A good graphic whether in your logo, print ad or social media can leave your readers with a lasting impression. It is important to know there are various factors that can convey your brand’s values, its aim through the colours, styles, font, etc. used in your graphics. More unique, creative and yet simple design can be beneficial in increasing engagement.

Alter Audience Perception

As we just learned, the graphics you use to represent your brand can convey the values you hold dear. But with changing times, companies evolve and so does their values, perception, products and style. The same can be represented with ease through Graphic Designs. A company can reposition, rebrand, remarket and expand its horizons and let their designs convey the message to their audience. An example of the same can be Hudson’s Bay Co.


One of the oldest merchandise company in the world, Hudson’s Bay Co. was created in 1670. After being a recognised brand and a household name in Canada for centuries, the company saw the need to diversify their merchandise with the evolving time. In 1965, the company rebranded itself into “The Bay”. With entrant of American retailers in Canada, the company faced tough competition and again switched to their original brand with “Hudson’s Bay”. But where do graphics enter the picture? When the company decided to rebrand itself, they conveyed the change through a redesign of their brand logo and a series of advertisements to attract the audience.

Example of Re-Branding

Impactful First Impression


There is an old saying “the First Impression is the Last Impression”. When you launch your company, introduce a new product or rebrand yourself, it is important to create a first impression that leave your audience with a positive impact. How your brand is perceived and how your target segment reacts can make your firm reach heights or get lost in the competition. Again, powerful, impactful and out-of-the-box graphic designs could be a life-saver.

Leave your audience with a first impression that makes them seek you next time.

Gives a Professional Persona


Are you a user of Instagram? Have you seen the latest campaigns by your favourite brands? They use visual representations like graphics to advertise the latest sales campaigns, discounts, events and more. When a company uses such means to display the latest developments of their brand and company, it reflects a professional persona to the audience. The professionalism of a company can be reflected in their designs with the use of elements that are consistent with the brand image and its logo. 

Increases Your Campagain’s Visibility

Digital Media is brimming with new campaigns by 1000s of companies on a daily basis. You must have noticed that irrespective of the times your open your social media profile on Insta, facebook or even twitter, there are always some new posts, feeds, tweets that are visible. So how can you as a brand diversify yourself from the rest? Simple, by increasing your visibility. But the question is how? 

To enhance your visibility on digital platforms, you have to consider the kind of graphics and advertisements you put on these channels. The designs, the colours, the fonts that you use in your graphics can make you visible or make you disappear. For the best Graphic Designs, Panaesha Capital is your solution. 

In a nutshell, a great Graphic Designing company can help you make your brand or decrease your presence in the market. Graphics are a crucial element that should be decided with care and should be designed with the company values, what they want to portray to the audience in mind.

Graphic Designing is not about going abstract with your designs, it is about using creativity to send a message across to your audience.

Team Panaesha

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