10 Ways To Succeed With PPC Advertisement

 10 Ways To Succeed With PPC Advertisement

Pay Per Click or PPC is a popular way of gaining attention of the crowd and directing traffic to your website or services. For Small and Medium Enterprises that cannot afford to appoint specialists for generating organic or non-paid leads for their business can use this cost-effective and targeted method of advertising. Through PPC, a company has to only pay for specific keywords and specific geographical locations of their target audience.

“If managed smartly, PPC can prove to be a very Profitable way of driving Targeted Traffic to your Website.”

Businesses bid for keywords that are related to the services or products they provide, to rank them on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). When a user searches for say “Best Digital Marketing Agency”, your company name “Panaesha Capital” will appear if you had paid for this keyword.  This, known as PPC, helps small businesses to be highlighted when someone searches for related products or services.

Here are 10 easy ways to advertise with PPC for Small Medium Enterprises –

Keyword Research

With people finding it better to search for anything online rather than looking for it from store to store, the internet became a great source for advertising and promoting services and products. Since PPC works on keywords, it is important for businesses to be aware of the keywords that are related to their industry and that could be used by people while searching for something similar to what their business provides. Having a better knowledge of keywords and tools like Keyword Planner helps them bid for more accurate keywords.

Engaging Content

It is important for your content to be engaging to keep people hooked to your website. The more they are impressed with a content, the more curious the readers will be to learn about your brand or products. So, SMEs need to make an eye-catchy title and small description of their business that is shown in a PPC Ad. It should be appealing enough to make searchers click on your Ad.

When writing PPC Ads, ask yourself- why should anyone click it?

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Monitor Campaigns

Businesses always have the option to change what is not working out well. Keeping tabs on their analytics for each paid advertisement will help them analyse which Ad is offering more conversions and better ROI. In case some keywords are not performing well in results, they can always switch the budget of the same to better-performing keywords.

10 Ways To Succeed With PPC Advertisement

Schedule Ads

PPC offers you the facility to schedule your ad i.e. to select a time frame during which you want your Ads more prominently in search results. For example, if you run a restaurant located in a corporate area, then the best time for you to advertise your business will be lunchtime. It is no use to advertise your restaurant at midnight if you do not cater to the late-night audience. You can also pause your ad when your services are not available.

Negative Keywords

There might be some keywords that are related to your industry but completely opposite to what you are providing.  For example, you are a gym owner and one of the keywords people may search for is “home fitness”. If people searching for home fitness find results of gyms, that could be a loss for the gym owner. You may add search words to the negative keywords list where you do not want your Ad to appear.

Split Testing

Apart from actual campaigns that are run by Google, you can split your budget on experimental runs. These runs help you understand which business Ad plans you implemented actually work and which ones don’t. You can then decide which business plans you need to change or remove.

Use Analytics

Google and other search engines provide online tools that businesses can use to analyse the traffic that is being directed to their websites. Analytics can be easily linked with a website by inserting codes. You can see information about location, time and pages your visitors are frequenting or bouncing back from.

Re-target Visitors

There are so many visitors who daily visit your the website but don’t it end up being your customers. With the help of Google analytics, you can get the data of such people. Displaying ads and pop-ups of your website to attract or remind them to return to your website can boost your sales. With up to 78% of people abandoning their carts, these people are great potential customers.

Monitor Impressions

As people start visiting your website, you can gather data about whether your webpage was related to what they were looking for, according to keywords. This helps you understand which keywords bring new business and which ones do not. If people find your webpage relevant to their search, your impression percentage increases.

Frequently Check Quality Score

Quality score is measured by calculating how appropriate your landing page is to what people are searching for. The less relevant ads cost higher per click and drive lesser leads. On the other hand, more relevant ads get more traffic and also cost comparatively less on every click.

Pay Per Click can be a great way to boost your digital presence and increase your sales. You can implement the above tips to get more engagement out of your paid ads. It is always recommended to hire experts that understand your company, its value and its offerings. Panaesha Capital can be your solution for driving targeted audience to your business.

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