10 Social Media Trends To Take-out Your Competition in 2020

 10 Social Media Trends To Take-out Your Competition in 2020

10 Social Media Trends to take-out your Competition in 2020

With the new year approaching, businesses are busy planning strategies to promote their brand and reach more audience in the best ways possible. The average time a person spends daily on social media is 142 minutes. Managing your social media in an effective way can help a lot in driving traffic to your webpage and increase sales for your brand. Let’s try to understand some trending tricks to kick out your competition in 2020:

Interactive content keeps people engaged

Netizens love to see their favourite pages giving them some special attention. Posting interactive content such as “Comment your views below, and we will post the best ones in our story” attracts viewers. They like to participate in competitions like these not only to get into the limelight but also to let their favourite pages know that they exist and it does wonders when you let them know their support is acknowledged. Another very famous example of this is giveaways contests.

The Bridge Between Your Brand and Customer is Social Media.

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Care for customers

Simply replying to your customers’ queries such as “Hey, its happy to get back from you. We will try to get the best solution to your query” helps them feel an unexplainable bond with your brand. Be open to queries and suggestions, both good and bad. While the good ones tell your strengths, bad ones help you understand weak points you need to work on.

Telling a story

This trick is really helpful on platforms such as Instagram. A post on the Instagram page of Mc Donald’s “That moment when you swing by for fries and catch a real cutie out front. 🐶 ❤️” While the dog attracts the viewer’s attention, the caption tells a story, indirectly promoting the brand’s fries, though there is no direct advertisement of fries.

Local influencers help

Following and reposting stories and posts of local pages help you drive their traffic to your channels. But, keep in mind you as well as the influencer belong to the same industry. This is important to grab the attention of people with similar interest. For example, you sell beauty products, you can repost a video of a beauty blogger reviewing or a photo of someone using your products. You can also ask local influencers to collaborate or sponsor them. 

Videos do magic

 Videos are the most attracting way of promoting business. Whether they are small 30 second videos running between posts on facebook or 2-3 minute long advertisements, if they talk about keeping the needs of viewers in mind, they help boost your sales directly. Always remember to make the first few seconds of long videos very attractive to maintain the interest throughout, so that viewers don’t skip them in a hurry to start watching a another video. 

Going live keeps you alive

Going live regularly, and interacting with followers drives traffic. You can promote your products or services from time to time while airing the video. This, like other interactive ways, builds trust between the audience. 

Try before buy

This trend can be understood using the example of “Visualise” service from Asian Paints, where they let customers try different colours to see which one goes best with the interiors. Lenskart is yet another example, where a buyer can test how different frames look on their face by uploading a 3D photo. This technology is called Augmented reality. 

LinkedIn linking businesses

 LinkedIn can be called the perfect place for B2B advertising. This platform came out to be an unimaginable combination of social media, and professional job portals. The website portrays information of job level, past experience, skills, and location and can be used to attract clients, especially if you are a service provider. 

Add ‘E’ to your commerce

With every third person having access to the internet all around the world, taking your business online by making website or accounts on Social media can be an avoidable step in promoting your brand. Creating interesting and eye-catchy posts of the products or services available is equally important. A social media account without products or services showing off is almost useless. 

Shoutout at Quora

Quora is no more limited to answering questions to what people could not find on search engines. It is now also used to promote business. For example, if someone asks “Are customised gifts a good present for mother’s birthday”, you can post an answer saying “She would love them indeed. Check out our range of customisable bracelets and pendants.” followed by a call to action button redirecting to your webpage. 

With Social Media you can share content that:

  • Educates: Tips, Tricks, Case Studies
  • Promotes: Services, Discounts, Webinars
  • Entertains: Memes, Gifs, Puzzles
  • Connects: Reviews, Life Events, Product Updates
  • Converses: Quizzes, Questions, Polls
  • Inspires: Quotes, Facts, Testimonials

These are the top 10 trending ways your social media can help you be the best seller or service provider in the market. Want an agency to help you build the Social Media presence? Try our SMM service for best results

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