10 Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

 10 Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

In today’s world of the internet, everyone is busy talking about webpages and social media. In a hustle to make these platforms attractive, people tend to forget about Email marketing. An email was one of the first things that were used by masses when word wide web helped internet to spread across the globe. But, email is not something of the past. It is still one of the best ways to attract people to invest in your business and bring loyal customers back to your website from time to time.

Moreover, while you are investing most of your budget on various advertisement strategies, email marketing is one of the ways you can boost your business, and that too for free. With New Year around the corner, here are 10 email marketing tips for small business that will help you stand out from the crowd –

Easy sign-up

Internet is all about convenience, and so should be sign-up. Asking a user details such as Name and Email should be enough to get them to sign up to your email list. Your ‘register’ or ‘sign up’ form should be short, crisp, attractive and concise.

What's in it for them

Nothing in the world comes for free, why should a customer. Inform your receivers about what all they will get upon signing up. You may offer them some discount and coupons are a good idea too. Subscription plans that benefit them in the long run can also be in your email marketing pitch.

Position of the registration box

Where your registration box lies is an important factor to get more subscribers. For example, if you show a pop-up covering an article, a reader is most likely to click the close button and move on with reading the article. If you ask them to subscribe after reading the article by saying something like “To read many more interesting articles, subscribe”, that’s a much better idea.

Understanding that you need to first engage your readers and then ask them for Subscribing will be more beneficial.

Set Expectations

Tell them what all they are subscribing for. It can be anything from weekly newsletters to monthly coupons or discount codes.


Offer your subscribers what they want. Spend some time categorising the list of subscribers according to aspects such as gender, age, search history. These help you send them notifications of what they are looking for by making them more personalized or need-oriented. It helps to increase your sales in return.

email marketing steps

Keep your promise

Deliver your subscribers whatever you promised at the time of registration. Don’t miss out on sending coupons, newsletters, updates and send them regularly as defined earlier. If you don’t, be ready to lose people’s trust in your brand.

Mobile friendly

Surely, mails are something that is associated with computers, as they belong to that age, but the world is changing. A smartphone makes everything fit in peoples’ pocket and so should your mails. Generate emails that are easy to access and can be read on different devices i.e. they should be responsive to the platform them are viewed on.

Watch out for competitors

Along with your mails, you also need to stay updated. Keep a look-out for fresh market trends. What we mean is you should be aware of what your competitors are up to and what your target audience is more interested to read about. It helps you stay in the competition and work accordingly to stay a step ahead.

Create a strategy for campaigns

You need to focus on the content that is being shared with your subscribers over mail. They create a perception of your brand on the basis of what they read. Your mails should be attractive, meaningful and topic-oriented.

No shortcuts

Generate a list of subscribers and keep it updated at all times. Avoid purchasing subscriber details from others. Their list might be completely useless for what you sell.

Taking one step at a time takes you a long way. Small businesses can benefit by using these easy email marketing tips that will help them grow their subscriber base, generate leads and add to their audience’s recall value. Panaesha Capital is an innovative, one-stop solution where you can get solutions for all your digital marketing requirements such as email marketing, content marketing and online reputation management.

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