10 Biggest Content Marketing Trends To Follow In 2020

 10 Biggest Content Marketing Trends To Follow In 2020

Content marketing is being used by various industries since the 18th century in the form of leaflets, magazines, billboards and newspapers; even before anyone could realise the significance of the term “Content”.


Through the decades, content shifted from banners and leaflets to video advertisements broadcasted on televisions. By the end of the 20th century, with people being introduced to world wide web, the internet came up to be a new medium of information. In the last two decades, the internet has spread across the world. Today, one-third of the world population has access to the internet. People find it easier to look for any information online, rather than going through newspapers, books or any other sources of information. 

While businesses realising the scope of promoting their brand online, the internet was soon stormed with thousands and millions of websites. But then a question arose: Where does content come into all this? It became important for brands to attract people to win their trust and loyalty. This is where the content came into light. With the passing of time, businesses realised that it is important to make their titles eye-catchy, content attractive and information relevant. Today, content can be seen everywhere around you. It is the most important aspect, whether you talk about blogs, articles, web pages, infographics, videos, social media and what not. In the last couple of years, companies have been hiring separate teams that focus particularly on the content that is uploaded across various platforms. 

Looking at people’s involvement with internet, social media and market trends, it can be said that content will be one of the most important aspects of engaging audience and building a customer base for brands.

With the new year approaching, businesses are busy brainstorming their content marketing strategies for the next year. Here are the 10 biggest content marketing trends that will dominate 2020:


Focus on the result

To drive more traffic, a result-oriented website is required. “The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search result”. It is useless to have a website if it is not ranking on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). People generally refer to the first five search results as “The Golden Triangle”. This can be done easily by remembering some general rules of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you lack a team of content writers, you may take help of digital service providers such as Panaesha Capital.

Video is the king

Video is more attractive than any other medium of marketing. But to make an engaging video, you again need strong scripting i.e. content. If you are wondering how your content plays an important role while making a video, the answer is: from writing a script to voiceover, content is most relevant in making a video.


Search Intent

Searches according to their purposes basically lie in 4 categories: for information, while looking for particular websites, finding answers and purchasing. You need to understand your target audience using factors such as age, occupation, gender, budget etc. You get potential customers only when you focus on the people who are looking for products such as yours. Focusing on search intent will also helps to boost SEO. For example, it would be irrelevant if a person searching for Lamborghini is shown the result of Alto.


Conversational marketing

Chatbots are trained using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to answer questions people often ask about your website. But at times it happens that these bots are unable to give a satisfactory answer. The way these bots respond to queries can help gain as well as lose a person’s interest in your products or services. This thus becomes one of the reasons why human correspondents are still preferred by many websites. To avoid hiring man force for this, you need to understand more and more plausible queries your target audience may have. The more you train your bots, the better will they be able to respond to peoples’ queries. The answers you train your bots with should be interesting and this is where content again needs to be focused on. Like in the image,


Voice search

With the use of smartphones, people could fit the entire world in their pocket. Convenience is the motto of technological advancement happening all around the globe. With the ease of access to voice search, people find it way more convenient to ask anything by saying “Ok Google” or “Hey Siri” then  typing everything they are looking for. You need to optimise your content according to voice queries of people. This helps drive traffic to your website and increase sales. 


Personalised content

This trend is important if you are catering products or services to a larger category of people. You need to structure your content in such a manner that it can suit a wide variety of audience. For example, if you make customized gifts, then “loved ones” cannot be limited to life partners. It can be anyone-father, daughter or even pets for different people. In such a case, your content needs to be generic, while also making the people feel “Yes! This is what I was looking for”. When more people find your products or services suitable, you will be able to sell more. 



In the last two decades, podcasts have been heard more than ever. This is because people have found them to be engaging. Podcasts need to be focused on equally as other marketing strategies your business is working on. Simply adding a 30-second audio to your marketing list with something interesting such as “tap the banner now to know more while you continue listening to your favourite soundtrack” can help you drive traffic to your website. This again requires engaging content and scripting.


Being  Topic focused

Writing content focused on a topic not only attracts people but also makes it strong. Search engines such as google go through your entire content with the help of its software that checks the relevance and ranks your content on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) accordingly. For example, if a blog about “rules of football” talks about the sport in general, it is most likely not informative with respect to the topic and will be ranked lower than other pages that talk about “rules to follow in football”.

Content is King, Context is Queen.



Snippet is the small box you see at the top of a Google SERP containing some brief, basic details about the search. Snippets are derived from webpages that rank at the top of Search Engines.  People find these small boxes to be most trustworthy source of information. Getting your webpage featured on the snippet increases the chances of it being visited by 30%. This requires content that focuses on your core keywords.


Data driven

There are two types of readers online. One, who goes with attractive content, and the second, who believe in facts. While the first category involves youngsters, professionals are most likely to trust facts. Whatever you are writing must include numbers along with being attractive to win the heart of both the categories. Content that is engaging yet informative is the answer.

No matter which platforms you use, these marketing trends are a must for your business. As the demand for good content is increasing, keeping your content updated according to market trends becomes crucial to stand apart from your competitors. For market-oriented and trendsetting content, connect with our team of creative and expert content marketers to increase exposure to your target audience and better your SERP rank.

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