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Revolutionary Use of Blockchain in HR

For quite some time, blockchain has been transforming the financial world and now it has turned its focus on the HR industry. The opportunities of incorporating blockchain technologies in HR sector are endless and HR departments are embracing this technology with open arms. If blockchain technology is used in HR industry, it can completely transform Read more about Revolutionary Use of Blockchain in HR[…]

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The Second Wave vs The First Wave of Fintech

Fintech as a term described in Wikipedia is as follows, “FinTech is the new applications, processes, products, or business models in the financial services industry, composed of one or more complementary financial services and provided as an end-to-end process via the Internet.” Financial technology is an industry in itself, offering disruptive alternatives for the delivery Read more about The Second Wave vs The First Wave of Fintech[…]

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Applications of Blockchain in the Field of Cybersecurity

  We have got used to hearing about new and innovative projects with blockchain as the underlying technology. Whether it is an online marketplace or green energy blockchain technology is everywhere these days. Cybersecurity and Blockchain Technology Cybersecurity is becoming a pressing problem due to the unreliable nature of today’s world wide web. Cybersecurity alone Read more about Applications of Blockchain in the Field of Cybersecurity[…]

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Promising Use Cases Of Blockchain In Cyber Security

75% of board members and CEOs have named technology acquisitions and cyber security among top priorities for any company in terms of digital growth. Many blockchain technology-based solutions are coming up to resolve the cybersecurity based issues. NASA recently implemented blockchain technology to boost its cybersecurity standards and prevent the denial of services and malicious Read more about Promising Use Cases Of Blockchain In Cyber Security[…]

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Top 3 Blockchain Friendly Countries

The blockchain buzz is spreading across the globe. The adoption and research rate of  ‘blockchain’ has grown vastly in a very short span of time. Blockchain technology will soon reshape the world around us with its outstanding features such as global accessibility, transparency, safety, and security. Despite the fact that it has been around a decade Read more about Top 3 Blockchain Friendly Countries[…]