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Blockchain for stock markets

Bringing consumer protections and transparency to investment markets is making the market better every new day. The new age blockchain technology can assist in delivering multiple investor safeguards. If you look at the use cases, automating stock trading to cut out fees and middlemen, or logging trade histories and mandatory financial data on a blockchain Read more about Blockchain for stock markets[…]


How Blockchain Is Changing the Auto Industry

Much of the audience is aware these days about blockchain, the underlying technology behind the top cryptocurrencies. What might be new to you is that the technology has a bigger potential than just financial transactions. The financial sector started experimenting with blockchain a while ago, but the automotive industry has just started to embrace the Read more about How Blockchain Is Changing the Auto Industry[…]

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Blockchain and the legal profession

To a common man, it may seem that blockchain is a concept that can be applied to just the crypto sector. Well, this revolutionary technology has a lot more to offer. The easiest way to think of it is as a decentralized digital ledger. In simple terms, the blockchain database is an incorruptible ledger stored Read more about Blockchain and the legal profession[…]

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Centralized vs Decentralized Blockchain

Blockchain Technology has intrigued investors from all over the world due to the incredible promise of being an incorruptible ledger. When the audience hears the word blockchain, they refer to the decentralized or public blockchains like Bitcoin which anyone can access and participate in. However, blockchain technology is not limited to being just decentralized as Read more about Centralized vs Decentralized Blockchain[…]